Ask Without Fear turns 3 and is now worth $142.96

Ask Without Fear! is three years old!It's been three years since Ask Without Fear! came out!

What a wild ride it's been!

I wrote Ask Without Fear! because there were so many wonderful causes here in Maine with amazingly passionate volunteers, but they were chronically underfunded. A few could afford to hire me to come in and work with them. But I'm committed to making it ridiculously easy to get fundraising training.

So I wrote this book and kept the price below $15 so that volunteers or staff could get both solid fundraising advice and a healthy dose of encouragement to get out and ask for money!

It certainly has done that! In just three years, it's been read by thousands of people from around the world. I think I've gotten emails and thank you's from every continent except Antarctica saying the book has helped them raise more money for their charity. I've even be privileged to teach boards and staffs to "Ask Without Fear!" in many different countries including New Zealand and Bermuda.

The book became an ebook (one of the first Kindle books) and also inspired a radio show and a popular DVD training. And of course, there's an Ask Without Fear! Facebook page! (Be sure to "like" it over on the page or in the box on the lefthand side of this post.)

Ask Without Fear! has increased in value

All of that must have raised the book's value. I saw one vendor on Amazon is selling it for $142.96!
Ask Without Fear! is now sold for $142.96

Probably a steal at that price...but you can still get it from my for just $14.95. πŸ™‚ And even the new DVD set is less expensive at only $124.95 from πŸ™‚

Others are celebrating

As Ask Without Fear! turned three, I've been humbled by the nice things others have been saying about it:

But it's all about you

The real success of the book is the measurable impact it makes on your own fundraising. People from large multi-national nonprofits to nonprofits so small they don't even have a staff yet are learning to "Ask Without Fear!" The comments on the page at Amazon and on the testimonials page here show some of the impact the book is having.

I'd love to hear how the book has helped you with your fundraising. You can use the comments below or the form at

About Marc A. Pitman

Marc A. Pitman is the CEO of The Concord Leadership Group, the author of Ask Without Fear! and director of The Nonprofit Academy. A coach to leaders around the world, Marc's expertise and enthusiasm engages audiences and has caught the attention of media organizations as diverse as Al Jazeera and Fox News. Marc’s experience also includes pastoring a Vineyard church, managing a gubernatorial campaign, and teaching internet marketing and fundraising at colleges and universities. He is the husband to his best friend and the father of three amazing kids. And if you drive by him on the road, he’ll be singing 80’s tunes loud enough to embarrass his family! You can connect with him on Google+, on Twitter @marcapitman, and like "Ask Without Fear!" on Facebook.
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  1. Marc - congrats! The book's had a huge impact on the fundraising community!

  2. Thanks John! It's pretty humbling. AND exciting. πŸ™‚

  3. Woo hoo - way to go! Asking can be so intimidating to the uninitiated. Thanks for making it simple!

  4. So, you'll definitely be going to Anarctica now to promote, right? πŸ˜‰ They don't know what they're missing! Congratulations, Marc.

  5. Ha! I bet some of those science expeditions could use fundraising! πŸ™‚

  6. Sweeeet! Congratulations, Marc. Here's to future successes!

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