Are you as creative as Red Box?

Can Hug a Red Box Help Your Nonprofit Charity?

Yesterday, I got an email from Red Box asking me to take a picture of myself hugging a Red Box.

Hugging a huge DVD dispensing box.

Why haven't I done this with my nonprofit?!

This is a simple tactic of creating buzz. And it's really easy!

  • If you're Western Kentucky University, you could have a contest of alumni hugging red towels.
  • If you're the World Wildlife Fund, you could have a contest of people hugging pandas.
  • If you're charity:water, you could have a contest with people taking pictures of themselves holding glasses of clean drinking water.

These pictures would then go on the website and more people would see regular people like them loving your cause.

So simple.

Why don't you try to do it this week?

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  1. Love the idea, Marc. Imagining what else we could hug... I'm on the board of WaterFire Providence... maybe not their burning braziers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It's all about social proof. Readers can find more about this in our last eNewsletter The Surprising Science of Persuasion:

  2. That's so funny! I am going to right about social proof in my next Fundraising Kick!

    Thanks for that link!

  3. Way to get creative Marc! Love the suggestions! I have a nonprofit client who is going to ask people to post a particular picture on their Facebook account in support of their cause. Should be interesting!

    Sandy Rees

  4. Thanks Sandy!

    I'd love to see those results here!

  5. Marc, great idea to "borrow" a marketing idea from the big guys. I love it when a nonprofit can take the research and testing of a large marketing budget from a large corporation and apply it.

  6. They put lots more money behind it than most of us could ever imagine! ๐Ÿ™‚


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