How do you take care of yourself? | Nonprofit Blog Carnival

I'm thrilled to be hosting the Nonprofit Blog Carnival for February!

How do you take care of yourself as a fundraising? | Nonprofit Blog CarnivalSince Valentines' Day is this month, the Carnival topic is: As a fundraiser, how do you take care of yourself?

I believe fundraising is the best profession in the world! But it can be incredibly stressful, grueling, and thankless.

We often focus on letting donors know we love them, but how do you show yourself the love?

Nonprofit blog readers

If you're a blog reader, sit tight. I'll post a round up of the best of the blogs right here on at the end of February.

Nonprofit bloggers

If you're a blogger, here's how to be part of the carnival (even if only as a clown!)

  • Write a post if ideas of how you take care of yourself. How do you as a fundraiser reenergize? Give yourself a pat on the back? Recover from the "no"? Feed your creativity? Stay inspired?

    There isn't a right or wrong type of post. Yours may be funny, serious, or even emotional.

  • Email your permalink to or fill out this handy form by Monday 2/27.
  • I'll sift through all the submissions and, with the help of my team, will choose the ones that best fit the topic. Posts well written and relatively recent (within the last couple months) are best.
  • Check back here on February 2/29 to see if your post made it. And to get great ideas on how to keep yourself motivated for the long haul!

Let the carnival begin!

I look forward to your creativity!!

To get an idea of how the posts will be collected at the end of the month, check out January's Nonprofit Blog Carnival. These are posts relating to "dreams" (since we observed MLK Day here in the States!).

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  1. I love to take care of myself. Every fundraiser (and nonprofit professional) should take care of themselves to stay fresh and energized. We got into this field because of our passion for the cause and to make the world a better place, so it's a bad thing to become burned out. The number one way I take care of myself professionally is by attending professional conferences and networking with colleagues. I admit, somewhere farther down the list is a good ice cream sundae and a good book. I'll be submitting for the carnival, so more ideas to come.

    Thanks for hosting, Marc!

  2. Thanks Amy!! If you write a blog post, please submit it to the carnival so I can consider including it at the end of the month!

    I used to treat myself to a latte after a successful solicitation. 🙂


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