[Question Marc] What are the best donor management systems?

Image of a person with a question mark on a chalkboardI get lots of questions similar to this all the time:

Quick question: Do you have a few favorite donor database software recommendations. Especially for collecting donor giving habits.

My answer

Here are the ones I hear good things about from clients. I'm most familiar with RaisersEdge but am seriously impressed by Bloomerang.

What would you have said?

Donor databases are vital for nonprofit fundraising. We need to treat donors like the valuable humans they are. That means we need to remember what they say, when they've given, and what their interactions with our nonprofit are.

That's our job.

Other than "an Excel spreadsheet," what would you suggest in answer to this question?

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  1. Marc,
    Thanks for including Little Green Light on your list of best donor management systems!

    • Judi DeSouter says:

      Little Green Light has transformed several of my client's way of managing donors, appeals, etc... It is easy and intuitive, very affordable and the customer service is gold standard. I would enthusiastically recommend LGL to any organization...and have.

  2. http://www.Andar360.com
    Over 350 United Ways use Andar.
    Andar processed over $3.5 billion last year.
    Andar raised over $275 million online last year.

  3. We use Andar as well. Excelllent customer service and support!

  4. We also use Andar for donor management and we couldn't be happier! Excellent product and customer support.

  5. I've been using Andar for over 10 years now. The best out there.

  6. We are moving to Andar as we speak. It has been a smooth transition and we are very pleased with the results.

  7. We use Andar360 also. Great product and terrific customer support!

  8. We've been using Andar since 2002 along with 350 other United Ways. It's the best CRM software we've ever seen. Extremely robust. Check it out:


  9. We use Andar 360 for great product, easy to get information we need

  10. Andar 360

  11. You might think Andar360 is for the United Way niche, but if it can handle the massive spectrum of United Way business, you can be sure it will handle any fundraising needs! Helix Ltd.'s support is unparalleled.

  12. Kim Federline says:

    We use Andar 360, and have raised over $17M, not including processing for other United Ways across the state and region, and do back-end processing for another United Way. I've used Raiser's Edge during my internship at a local museum in the past and found it cumbersome. Andar is the best, most versatile product out there. How could you NOT have it on your list? Disappointed...

  13. Bill Reese says:

    The answer to this question is it really depends upon your criteria. Like many people have posted here, we too use Andar. Superior transaction engine that our pledge services people love. As someone else said, United Ways may be a bit more complicated than other non-profits given our "middle-man" role between donor and a multitude of charities.

    However, we have a hybrid solution with using Salesforce.com for our CRM component. Our very mobile sales team and our non-transaction focused users can't operate as well as they do without Salesforce which remains the #1 CRM system in the world.

  14. We use and recommend GiftWorks.

  15. Andar360 rocks...

  16. I'd like to introduce a new kid on the block, Kindful. You can check it out at Kindful.com. Kindful is a cloud based. Fees are tied to performance. Zero support or service fees. Zero data conversion charges. Zero long term contracts. Unlimited records and administrators.

    Kindful integrates with third party systems. If, for example, your organization uses Eventbrite for event ticketing, Kindful will automatically grab all Eventbrite data, directly from Eventbrite, and update your donor records automatically. We currently offer this level of automation with Quickbooks, Emma email marketing, Shopify, and Fundly (peer to peer fundraising), with more to come.

    We would love to hear any feedback you have.


  17. That reminds me of two others that I've heard good things about: DonorElf and Karani.

    You can find more at:

  18. For Non-Profits whose staff raise their own support (like many missionary organizations do) I recommend checking out DonorElf (http://www.donorelf.com)

    It's made specifically for missionaries so it's easy for them to see who's giving and who they need to be communicating with.

  19. Bloomerang. Hands. Down.

What would you add?