Are you following up on your quality of life? #followupfriday

#FollowUpFriday - Career GoalsIt's Follow Up Friday! In most of my #followupfriday email reminders, I encourage subscribers to reach out to people or following up on uncompleted tasks. Often they're following up with donors and prospects and staff.

But today, I invited them to do a follow up of another kind: follow up on their career goals.

Yesterday, I worked on slides for a seminar I'm co-presenting with Meghan Godorov and Mazarine Treyz next month as part of the Fundraising Career Conference. We're going to teach people how to negotiate a raise! We will cover lots of strategy to use and phrases to say. But we start with helping people figure out what they want as a target salary and what they want as a "minimum acceptable" salary. This includes reminding people to consider quality of life goals. Often, freedom or flexibility can be more valuable then income.

I was so inspired, I set aside #followupfriday time earlier today to revisit my own quality of life goals - both the aspirational and the acceptable. Rather than looking at lists of people to follow up with, I spent 30 minutes crunching numbers, reviewing my life goals, and scanning my calendar to see if my time was in alignment with the person I want to be. It's amazingly centering to reflect and reassess!

Reserve some #followupfriday for yourself

So this #FollowUpFriday, why not revisit your own quality of life goals. As Stephen Covey used to say, begin with the end in mind.

  1. Consider who you want to be and what you want to be known for.
  2. Review your current income and expenses and see if they line up.
  3. And review your time, are you spending it on the tasks and with the people that will help you be the person you want to be?

Let us know what follow up you do today by leaving a comment at or by using the hashtag #FollowUpFriday when you post to social media.

And be sure to check out the Fundraising Career Conference. It starts April 6 and is going to be pretty amazing. Our session is only one of three full days of seminars! You can see a list of the presenters and session, and register for the conference, at:

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