Is cleverness killing your fundraising?

I sent this reminder to my Fundraising Kick subscribers earlier this month. The response was so good, I wanted to share it with you too. Heed the warning! Good morning, Kickers! I need to apologize. I set out to write this email two days ago. But the message was so basic, I decided to wait.

Fundraising and Program Sustainability: The Forgotten Link

I once heard a fundraiser say this and it shocked me. “Program sustainability has nothing to do with me, does it?” You see, several years ago, when I decided I was personally ready to make a bequest, I thought long and hard about which organization would receive it. I wanted to choose an organization that

Winners Announced!

This week on the first day of the book launch, we announced a contest. Anyone who bought the book on or before Monday, and emailed me the receipt, was entered to win prizes including a free month of membership to The Nonprofit Academy and a 30-minute fundraising coaching session with me. The Results are In

Free coaching and NPA membership offer

Ask Without Fear ® for Christian Ministry Launches Today! We're so thrilled about the launch today that we're doing a give away! How to enter to win Entering to win couldn't be easier! Purchase the book today, Monday, March 20, 2017, and Email me a receipt as proof-of-purchase to - even a picture if

Help for funding your ministry

We've never met anyone who got into ministry to raise money. Most people sense God's call and start doing service in some area. People are excited for them and encourage them. In the initial rush of excitement, if money even comes up, they try to brush off the thought by saying, "God will provide." And

Is there plenty of room on your fundraising island?

As a nonprofit leader, when was the last time you recommended another nonprofit? Plenty of room on the island A while back, Seth Godin wrote about there being plenty of room on the island. He observed that authors regularly recommend other authors even though an MBA program would call them "competitors." It's a great reminder

Why I don't like crowdfunding

Speaking at a conference recently, fundraisers kept peppering me with questions related to fundraising. Some of those in the audience balanced their entire annual budget on a crowdfunding campaign. That is plain crazy. Yes, crowdfunding has opened up philanthropy and investment to all of us. According to recent data, from 2014 to 2015 the estimates