Free Fundraising Seminars and Audio

Some of us learn best by listening. So here are some resources, some free, some for purchase.

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Free Audio Resources

  • A special webinar with "Go For No!" author Andrea Waltz Go For No for Fundraisers! [35 min]
  • Marc on a panel of coaches and marketers that talks about Twitter Success (mp3) [60 minutes]
  • Marc's thoughts on fundraising in a recession as part of Regent University's School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship Leadership Talks series. Listen to Fundraising in a Recession (mp3) [12 minutes]
  • Marc interviewed by Sandra Sims of (mp3) [50 minutes]
  • Marc interviewed by David Kinard on the American Marketing Association's "Marketing News" radio show (mp3) [54 minutes]
  • Marc's interview with Katya Andresen, author of "Robin Hood Marketing". Katya has an amazing ability to teach marketing for nonprofits. [60 minutes]
  • Marc's interview with Jeff Brooks, one of the top copy writers in the country. Jeff is full of terrific ideas for fundraising. [60 minutes]
  • Marc's 2009 interview with Jay Love, then with eTapestry (now with Bloomerang. Jay has a long career in donor databases and his story is fascinating. [60 minutes]
  • Marc's conversation with Gayle Roberts, a fundraiser in San Francisco. She'll help you reconnect with the why you got into fundraising in the first place. [60 minutes]
  • Marc interviewed by Jon James on 92 Moose (mp3) [4 minutes]
  • Marc interviewed by H. Les Brown for his Frazzled Entrepreneur Show (mp3) [58 minutes]

There are more audio seminars for purchase in the Fundraising Coach Store. With these, you get all the preparation and intensity of a high-powered fundraising seminar with the convenience of listening at your desk. Or front porch. Or sunny beach!