Watch the fundraising objections fall to the floor

Last week, I was invited to give a full day Ask Without Fear!® training in Kansas City. We had a blast. One of the exercises involved overcoming objections…even before they come up. The process was: The participants pictured someone on their “chicken list” - a person they were afraid to ask for a gift. They

Donor Fatigue - the rest of the story

In his recent post, Jeff Brooks agreed with my "Donor Fatigue" video. And he went a step further. Like a newly minted Paul Harvey, he tells “the rest of the story.” Fundraiser Fatigue I love his concept of “fundraiser fatigue”! He says that we get tired of saying the same thing over and over so

The Red Cross and Glass Houses

"Why can’t you tell us where you spent the money and what your expenses were? You obviously have that information. Why can’t the public see it?" - NPR's Laura Sullivan to Red Cross' David Meltzer Last night, I was shocked and spellbound to hear NPR devote an entire half hour segment to the special report

Training Your Board to Raise Money - a book for your new year

I love finding practical tools that can help nonprofits thrive. The new book Train Your Board (and Everyone Else) to Raise Money is just that. Crisis with nonprofit boards Gone are the days when boards could be rubber-stamping social clubs. More than ever, nonprofits needs boards that will advocate for their cause. Interestingly, board members

Emergency relief in the Philippines and fundraising for your nonprofit

Congratulations to Facebook and the Red Cross for making it ridiculously easy to support those devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines! Even if you don't have the connections or relationship to get this type of top billing on Facebook, there are loads of ways you and your nonprofit can support the relief efforts. Support

Donor's don't need another best friend!

About a week ago, I was able to do a Twitter chat on “loving your donors” and showing them appreciation. You can read a transcript here: Do you have to answer donors' questions? One of the interesting turns in the Twitter chat was around specific ways to best show appreciation for donors. I unexpectedly

Get over it and ask!

[Warning: rant in progress] Stop it with the excuses. The timing is never perfect. There are always reasons to put off asking people to support your nonprofit. And that is a sure way to get your nonprofit bankrupt. If your nonprofit is doing important work, people will want to fund it. But they won't come