The 5 Best Leadership Books for Nonprofit Leaders

The 5 Best Leadership Books for Nonprofit Leaders

An executive coaching client recently asked me about my favorite 2 or 3 leadership books. Here are the first five that came to mind. Not surprisingly, each one is within easy reach of my desk. And I find myself thinking about their concepts or quoting them practically every week. Influence, Robert Cialdini In most of [...]

Top 13 Readers Favorite Fundraising Coach Posts from 2013

Poolballs with 13 by _ustas on Flickr

Happy New Year! A record number of people came to for fundraising help in 2013. Here are the the top 2013 posts based on website traffic! They cover everything from social media tips, to strategies on year-end fundraising, to how board members can be effective askers. Top 13 Fundraising Posts Written in 2013 Content [...]

5 Surprising Fundraising Books for Your Summer Reading

5 Top Summer Reading Books for Nonprofit Fundraising

It's July 2. Thousands of you are trying to pick up the pieces from the end of your fiscal year. It's time to let your hair down and enjoy a little rest. (Yes, I know that however well you did last year, on July 1, your goal was raised. You still need a break!) (Was [...]

3 more contrarian tips for writing successful fundraising letters

Jeff Brook's book's subtitle is "Real-World Field-Tested Strategies for Raising More Money"

Yesterday, I sent my Fundraising Kick members 3 contrarian tips on writing successful fundraising letters. Here are three more tips that seem to go against what we'd expect. These tips come from an amazing new book by Jeff Brooks called The Fundraiser's Guide to Irresistible Communications. I've been a fan of Jeff's for almost ten [...]

An interview with Get Fully Funded author Sandy Rees

Get Fully Funded with Sandy Rees

I love it when people come out with practical, nuts-and-bolts books to help nonprofits. It's even more fun when it's with people I know! I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Sandy Rees and ask her about her new book Get Fully Funded. [affiliate link] The Fundraising Coach: Why did you feel compelled [...]

Book Review: Cause Marketing for Dummies convinced me

Cause Marketing For Dummies by Joe Waters & Joanna MacDonald As a development director and long time major gifts guy, cause marketing has always seemed to dilute philanthropic giving. Moreover, it always seemed reserved for the “big boys” in cancer like the Jimmy Fund shorts that were played before the feature film at the theater [...]

"Content Rules" is a must for nonprofit fundraisers & marketers

Content Rules book review

I took today as a reading day, and committed to reading the copy of Content Rules [amazon affiliate link]. What a great book! Share or Solve; Don't Shill My favorite chapter is called "Share or Solve; Don't Shill." Ann Handley & CC Chapman talk about the importance of engaging with prospects and your community rather [...]