[Question Marc] Help! My board wants to do another event!

Hammer and Nail by HikinginArtist.com

Dear Marc, Help!! My board wants to do ANOTHER fundraising event! We’re already doing 10 events a year. How can I tell them we don’t have the resources to do another one? Stressed in San Diego My Answer Dear Stressed, Oh no! I definitely feel your pain! I think your board is living out the […]

Don’t waste time trying to copy the #icebucketchallenge

Don't copycat the #ALSicebucketchallenge

Every week, I send a fundraising coaching email to nonprofit CEOs and Executive Directors. These Kicks are designed to remind them to get out from behind their desk to interact with 5-10 major donors and prospects. I rarely share these Fundraising Kicks with anyone but them. But this week there will be hundreds, possibly thousands, […]

How to get new donors

How to Get New Donors

As a fundraising coach, one of the most common questions I get is about how to get new donors for a nonprofit. The question was well summed up in this question from an Ask Without Fear! email newsletter subscriber: “How do I acquire new donors? I find that people keep saying donor acquisition is given […]

Are you using that all wrong?

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Sometimes, we get so used to using something, we don’t realize we’re using it the wrong way. Here are three tools that nonprofits use all the time. And many use the wrong way. Common uses and a better way Donor Database Common use: Recording gifts and keeping addresses. If this is all you’re using your […]

Fundraising is farming, not Powerball

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Nonprofits often mistake hiring professionals like fundraising coaches or consultants as buying the winning lottery ticket. No matter what they’ve been told, they think the professional will magically find them funding. Fortunately, that is actually great for nonprofits. Lottery winners typical have awful outcomes. They often live miserable lives. True fundraising is like farming Fundraising […]

The secret behind year-end fundraising fall appeals

Maibox image from Indiana Public Media for The secrets to year-end fundraising success

Fall is upon us and that means year-end giving is right around the corner. If you haven’t written your year end appeals over the summer, then now is the time to get those done! As a broad generalization, I recommend sending a mailing: now (late Aug/early Sept) in mid-November in mid-December How to write fundraising […]

[Guest Post] 3 Changes You Should Make To Your Nonprofit Blog Right Now

Steven Shattuck, Bloomerang

Today I get to introduce you to Steven Shattuck, Vice President of Marketing at Bloomerang, the exciting new donor relationship management software that makes it easy to focus on donor retention. I’be been getting to know him over the last few months an love his knowledge of technology and marketing. Better still, he’s a great […]