[Guest Post] Quitting the Culture Club – Why blaming a lack of culture of philanthropy is just plain lazy

Dan McCormack on the "culture of philanthropy" misnomer

A few weeks back, I was talking with Dan McCormack about an upcoming training. In the midst of our conversation, Dan said he didn’t let his team use the term “a culture of philanthropy.” His observations were so right, I asked if he’d do a guest blog post on this. I’m glad he said yes! […]

Fundraising Myth: If we build it, God will fund it

I get the opportunity to work with a lot of faith-based organizations. I love helping them get excited about raising money and showing them that others in the Bible got excited about fundraising too! But I’m amazed by a persistent cop-out so common among Christian causes, I’m adding it to my “Fundraising Myths” category. The […]

55 quotes on fundraising & giving

Fundraising Quotes from for inspiration and donations

I’ve just created a page of the inspirational quotations used in my fundraising training book. These have helped so many of the thousands of people that have read the book that I’ll also be sharing some of them on Twitter with the hashtag #awfquotes. There are 55 quotes about fundraising, the steps to successful fundraising […]

Fundraising warning: Don’t limit your fishing to the smallest pond

Within the last couple weeks, there was an article about another nonprofit closing. Reading the article, I saw an incredibly common fundraising myth perpetuated. The myth sounds goes something like this: if we only had more businesses and foundation grants, then our funding challenges would be over. Check this quote out: “You really need more […]

Sandra Sims’ Mythbusters

I have the honor of being included in Sandra Sim’s Mythbusters series. You can see the blog post at: http://stepbystepfundraising.com/fundraising-myth-its-great-to-be-cheap/

Fundraising Faux Pas

I almost succumbed to the “If I Mail It, They Will Give” fundraising faux pas! We sent about 100 letters to donors telling them about an incredible matching opportunity we have. A donor is matching every new endowed fund with $2500. So far, we have secured 11 of the 48 available matches. That is an […]

The word that can destroy your marketing

Check out the great post The word that can destroy your marketing over at the Donor Power Blog. I’ll give you a hint: the word is one letter long. What do you think it is?