[Guest Post] How to Overcome Objections in Scheduling Your Fundraising Solicitation Meetings

Nonprofit Fundraising Expert Andrea Kihlstedt

I’m a huge fan of Andrea Kihlstedt. She’s a true expert in fundraising – one that makes you feel smarter just by being around her. She’s the author of multiple books and the creator of the “asking styles” way of helping people ask in coordination with their hard wiring, not against them. She’s also done […]

[Guest Post] 5 Principles to crowdfunding success – a case study

Renee Tougas on running a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter

Today it’s my distinct pleasure to introduce you to Renee Tougas. I’ve known Renee and her husband Damien for more than a decade. They’re not your typical fundraisers, so when their crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign for $16,000 raised over $19,000, I knew I wanted their story. As a fundraising coach, I’m not advocating nonprofits scrap their […]

[Guest Post] Correctly setting up your nonprofit’s Google+ Community

Gabriel Reynoso on Google+ Communities for Nonprofits

A few months after I wrote the book Google+ for Nonprofits, Google+ released a new feature called “Communities.” In the time since the introduction, have become a great tool for interacting on Google+, both in raising awareness and in interacting with supporters. As a Google+ user–whether personal profile or organization page–when you share with the […]

[Guest Post] Fostering Positive Nonprofit Volunteer-Staff Relations

headshot of Victoria Michelson for post Fostering positive nonprofit volunteer-staff relations by Victoria-Michelson-200w

Today I’m glad to be able to introduce you too Victoria Michelson a freelance writer for Wild Apricot. When she’s not writing, but she spends most of her time running races to support local nonprofit organizations in Boise, ID. I’ve asked her to share on how to improve volunteer-staff relations within nonprofits. Her three points […]

[Guest Post] What’s Scarier? Witches, Goblins, or Fundraising? 7 Ways to Stop Being Afraid


It’s been my pleasure to get to know Claire Axelrad and her great blog Clairification. I’ve always said my best Halloween costume was to dress as a fundraiser! As a guy who teaches how to ask without fear, I love the post she’s sharing. In it, she asks what’s truly scary–asking for money, or what […]

[Guest Post] 7 tips for sharing stories about your nonprofit work


Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Lori Jacobwith. Lori and I have interacted over the last few years and finally got to meet in Minneapolis earlier this year. I’ve asked her to share her top tips on storytelling. You can check out her step-by-step storytelling system and you can follow her on Twitter @ljacobwith. […]

[Guest Post] 3 Changes You Should Make To Your Nonprofit Blog Right Now

Steven Shattuck, Bloomerang

Today I get to introduce you to Steven Shattuck, Vice President of Marketing at Bloomerang, the exciting new donor relationship management software that makes it easy to focus on donor retention. I’be been getting to know him over the last few months an love his knowledge of technology and marketing. Better still, he’s a great […]