[Guest Post] 5 Principles to crowdfunding success - a case study

Renee Tougas on running a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter

Today it's my distinct pleasure to introduce you to Renee Tougas. I've known Renee and her husband Damien for more than a decade. They're not your typical fundraisers, so when their crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign for $16,000 raised over $19,000, I knew I wanted their story. As a fundraising coach, I'm not advocating nonprofits scrap their [...]

Donor Research: 7 Tools for Creating a Prospect Profile

Donor Research

One of the most enjoyable aspects of major gift fundraising is getting to build relationships with donors. But often nonprofits squander the opportunities given to them by not doing any research. A Word of Caution Before we get started, a word of warning: the goal of research isn't to snoop. We're only going to look [...]

Is there a Ron Newell in your donor pool?

Courtesy image of Ron Newell from Fosters Daily Democrat

Did you hear the latest story about an unassuming millionaire? According to Foster's Daily Democrat, Ron Newell was a quiet truck driver in Dover, NH. He liked kids and animals, especially dogs. Last August, Mr. Newell passed away at the age of 78. Last week, two nonprofits were told that he'd left them $550,000 each. [...]

Fundraising is farming, not Powerball

image for Fundraising is not Powerball

Nonprofits often mistake hiring professionals like fundraising coaches or consultants as buying the winning lottery ticket. No matter what they've been told, they think the professional will magically find them funding. Fortunately, that is actually great for nonprofits. Lottery winners typical have awful outcomes. They often live miserable lives. True fundraising is like farming Fundraising [...]

[Question Marc] What are the best donor management systems?

Image of a person with a question mark on a chalkboard

I get lots of questions similar to this all the time: Quick question: Do you have a few favorite donor database software recommendations. Especially for collecting donor giving habits. My answer Here are the ones I hear good things about from clients. I'm most familiar with RaisersEdge but am seriously impressed by Bloomerang. RaisersEdge (You [...]

[Guest Post] 15 Fundraising Mistakes That Have Already Been Made for You

Tom Harrison, CEO of RussReid

I'm glad to introduce you to Tom Harrison, the CEO of Russ Reid. Tom and I are members of the FundRaising Success Editorial Advisory Board and were able to present at a recent conference in Philadelphia. He has an amazing mind for nonprofits and a good sense of humor, as can be seen in this [...]

WGN's Bill Leff Show: Keeping donors safe, and a little Stanley Cup smack talk

Audio of Bill Leff's interview of Marc Pitman on WGN Radio

Last Friday, I got to be interviewed by WGN Radio's Bill Leff We talked about the Tampa Bay report on the 50 Worst Charities and how donors can protect themselves. We also engaged in a little friendly Stanley Cup smack talk. :) You can hear the 10 minute interview on the WGN Radio site or [...]