What keeps you up at night?

FundRaising Success Magazine asked us what kept fundraisers up at night

For her weekly FundRaising Success Magazine post, Jo Black Sullivan asked a bunch of us fundraiser-folk what kept us awake at night. People like me, Roger Craver, Jeff Jowdy, and more. Here’s the video of all of us. It cut out the screen-printed bow tie on my t-shirt so I included that image above! To […]

A thank you to nonprofit fundraisers

An End of the Fiscal Year Thank You Video Note for Nonprofit Fundraisers

June 30 is the end of the fiscal year for many nonprofits. Tomorrow, the bar gets set higher. But that’s tomorrow. Today, I just wanted to say ‘thank you” to all of you who raise money for nonprofit, community benefit organizations. Your work is making a difference. Feel free to share this with any fundraisers […]