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[Question Marc] When do you ask a person on Twitter to follow you?

I just received this question: When is there an appropriate time to ask someone on twitter to follow you? My quick answer is "never." Asking people to follow you on Twitter makes you sound a bit whiny and desperate. Following is a personal thing. People follow others that seem to provide them value. Value can

A Twitter chat for fundraising and marketing for small nonprofits - today!

Twitter chats can be a terrific way to meet new colleagues and get ideas for your work from really creative people. I'm particularly excited about the #smNPchat Pamela Grow started. We "meet" on Twitter every other Friday at noon Eastern time to discuss marketing and fundraising topics related to small nonprofits. Many people that join

Getting started on Twitter

In my college class on internet marketing, students are required to use Twitter. Their grade is dependent on it. I just wrote instructions on how to set up a Twitter account since most of them don't have one. I decided to share them here too! I hope it's helpful! If you're already using Twitter, what

5 Tips to Maximize Twitter chats

I last posted on Twitter chats back in April in the post 5 Twitter Tips for Fundraisers. Since then, I've really stepped up my participation in Twitter chats, particularly #blogchat: primarily about blogging; occurs most Sunday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern #speakchat: Monday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern, a moderated chat about some aspect of

How to use Twitter lists

Yesterday, I showed you how to How to build a Twitter list. Now that you can make them, how should you use them? Types of lists You could create lists of: boards members and your assigned donors: you'll be able to build relationships right from your desk people with hobbies that interest you: social media

How to build a Twitter list

It's no secret that I love Twitter. But all the tweets in one stream can be completely overwhelming. Years ago, there was a time when I'd get home from work and my wife would ask, "Did you see my tweet?" Well, I hadn't. And I felt awful. I'd seen lots of tweets, but not hers.