4 Great Nonprofit Trainings this Month in The Nonprofit Academy!

The Nonprofit Academy Favicon

A few weeks ago, The Nonprofit Academy joined the Fundraising Coach. With over 50 webinars, templates, and tools in the NPA Online Vault, it’s already a great resource for affordable, efficient, and effective nonprofit trainings. But members typically get one new online training and one coaching call with me each month too. October is special […]

Stop being jealous! Tips on dealing with #ALSicebucketchallenge

Half Full, Half Empty, or Always Full?

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my “view” of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. When I saw it happening, I watched with professional curiosity. I love seeing a nonprofit hit a fundraising campaign out of the park! You’d think that as a guy lost his mom less than a year ago due […]

Get jazzed when a donor says “no”!

Go For No Book Cover

As I wrote earlier this week, some of my coaching clients are being transformed by the idea of keeping on going until we get no. This concept is helping them keep up their endurance in asking. And it’s helping donors really connect to causes that matter to them. So I’m thrilled that “Go For No!” […]

Sometimes, you need to go for no

I just finished writing my latest “Question Marc” column for FundRaising Success magazine answering a question from “Panicked in Pasadena.” Panicked was that way because donors weren’t responding to her solicitations. Can you relate? We stop too soon One of the tips I wrote about in the article was this: grab a list of all […]

Ebola, Apple’s iPhone 6, and your nonprofit’s successful fundraising

Apple iPhone6 Lines in NYC by Kate Arnold Fitzpatrick

Today the Apple iPhone 6 hits the streets. People are lining up by the hundreds like the line going around the block in this image from New York City. Are they lining up that way for your nonprofit’s fundraising? Yesterday I published an article on LinkedIn’s Pulse called Ebola, iPhone 6, & your nonprofit’s fundraising. […]

3 inexpensive tools to make your year-end giving amazing


In creating an Ask Without Fear! training for the executive directors of the Jewish National Fund of Canada, I was reminded how important September is for the vast number of nonprofits. Even for those like JNF that have religious holidays in the coming weeks, the end of the calendar year can be when a nonprofit’s […]

How to raise more money through donor retention – without throwing money away


I spent Labor Day morning reading about the labor of fundraising. I am so glad I picked up Roger Craver’s book, Retention Fundraising! These three hours will be with me for years. I’m not new to this. I’ve been studying donor retention for over a decade. My first product, “Creating Donor Evangelists” leveraged studies done […]