Educating donors is not fundraising

I've been hearing a well-meaning but fundraising killing myth while talking to many groups and training many boards over the last few months. It boils down to: "We need to do more education. If people really knew what we did, they would give money and our funding crisis would be over." Or more generally: "If

Get over it and ask!

[Warning: rant in progress] Stop it with the excuses. The timing is never perfect. There are always reasons to put off asking people to support your nonprofit. And that is a sure way to get your nonprofit bankrupt. If your nonprofit is doing important work, people will want to fund it. But they won't come

2 phrases to use when asking for money

I normally speak to large groups at conferences or to smaller groups of board members, but I've been privileged to do a lot of one-on-one major gift fundraising training this year. One of the most common questions I am getting from nonprofit employees and board members alike is, "Ok, the 'Get R.E.A.L.' formula is nice,

3 Common Questions about 100 Donors in 90 Days

Since launching "100 Donors in 90 Days" on Monday, we've had many folks email and ask us some questions about it. There have been three main questions asked about the system, I emailed the answers to those on my newsletter list earlier today. But I figured more of you might be wondering so I decided

MLK and your nonprofit fundraising

In the United States we're honoring the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. I'm sure many people will be posting about the "I have a dream" speech. I get so inspired reading his speech. We in the nonprofit world sure know about dreams! We see the world both as it is and as it can

How many more no's can you get this month?

I really like the book Go For No! [amazon affiliate link]. It helped change my perspective on getting a "no." In this brief video, I tell you what I mean! In April, I interviewed Go For No! author Andrea Waltz as part of a special program for Fundraising Kick members. To hear the entire Go

Fundraising is like a Waldorf Salad

For more free fundraising tips right to your inbox, sign up for the free Ask Without Fear! email newsletter at: Forrest Gump could have said, Momma always said, 'Fundraising's like a Waldorf Salad. You gotta mix it up to get the right taste.' He didn't, but he could have. 🙂 A couple weeks ago,