Improve Donor Stewardship with These 5 Proven Strategies

To successfully retain donors, nonprofits need to invest time into cultivating and maintaining long-lasting relationships, from the first donation onward. With a concrete donor stewardship plan in place, donors will feel more valued and invested in your nonprofit. While you may understand the importance of donor stewardship, it’s not always clear how to take the

A surprising tweak to increase donor retention

I've worked alot on donor retention and often written about the importance of keeping the donors you already have. But in a recent webinar on storytelling for nonprofits, I had a rude awakening. The webinar was presented by the legendary fundraiser Ken Burnett. He was talking about how effective stories can be in the answering

Donor stewardship and Acres of Diamonds

A couple weeks ago, I was working with my son on a school project. We are having him study 10 great speeches from USA history. In looking at top 10 and top 100 lists, I was thrilled to come across Russell Conwell's Acres of Diamonds. I'd read this dozens of times growing up. The gist

Top 13 Readers Favorite Fundraising Coach Posts from 2013

Happy New Year! A record number of people came to for fundraising help in 2013. Here are the the top 2013 posts based on website traffic! They cover everything from social media tips, to strategies on year-end fundraising, to how board members can be effective askers. Top 13 Fundraising Posts Written in 2013 Content

[Guest Post] Why Donors Stop Giving

I've been a fan of Jay Love for years. I even interviewed him for my radio show back in 2008! He gets both databases and effective fundraising. So I asked him if he'd write a post on donor retention. Jay is a serial entrepreneur, the creator of eTapestry and now the creator of Bloomerang a

The Donor Retention Project works!

Last week we released The Donor Retention Project. Yesterday, I got this email from an already satisfied customer: Thanks for the Donor Retention Project! I've finished the first two segments. We're doing a lot of what is recommended and it's sparked a couple more ideas. So grateful this is helping our staff, CEO and Board

Explosive growth: The Donor Retention Project

Wow! Response to The Donor Retention Project has been so strong, you all crashed the servers yesterday! Fortunately Chris at 501 Videos has the situation fixed and they were up and running within a few hours. What's all the fuss? Donor retention is, that's what. Some reports show that the average nonprofit loses, loses, 70%