The Red Cross and Glass Houses

NPR's report on the Red Cross' missing $500 million

“Why can’t you tell us where you spent the money and what your expenses were? You obviously have that information. Why can’t the public see it?” – NPR’s Laura Sullivan to Red Cross’ David Meltzer Last night, I was shocked and spellbound to hear NPR devote an entire half hour segment to the special report […]

[Question Marc] What are the best donor management systems?

Image of a person with a question mark on a chalkboard

I get lots of questions similar to this all the time: Quick question: Do you have a few favorite donor database software recommendations. Especially for collecting donor giving habits. My answer Here are the ones I hear good things about from clients. I’m most familiar with RaisersEdge but am seriously impressed by Bloomerang. RaisersEdge (You […]

16 experts tell you how to keep your donors wanting to come back

Hope to come back soon by ChepeNicoli, on Flickr

Since we celebrate Valentines Day in February, I thought I’d have this edition of the Nonprofit Blog Carnival focus on long-term donor relationships. I like to think of it as showing them “love.” A few weeks ago, I posted this question to nonprofit bloggers: How do you keep your donors wanting to come back? We […]

Donor’s don’t need another best friend!

Image of a twitter chat tweet "Donor's are not looking for another best friend!"

About a week ago, I was able to do a Twitter chat on “loving your donors” and showing them appreciation. You can read a transcript here: Do you have to answer donors’ questions? One of the interesting turns in the Twitter chat was around specific ways to best show appreciation for donors. I unexpectedly […]