Educating donors is not fundraising

I've been hearing a well-meaning but fundraising killing myth while talking to many groups and training many boards over the last few months. It boils down to: "We need to do more education. If people really knew what we did, they would give money and our funding crisis would be over." Or more generally: "If

Nine Free Fundraising Classes

The Nonprofit Telesummit Tomorrow is the beginning of a free three day nonprofit training event. Happening from March 7 - 9, it's called the Nonprofit Telesummit. Nine nonprofit and fundraising experts will be sharing sessions on things like: How to get your board members over their fear of fundraising. 4 simple things that can bring

Could you help with a 3 question survey

All year, people have told me that hour long webinars are just too long. We're all pressed for time. So I'm starting a 22 Minute Institute: 22 minute webinars focusing on some aspect of either: Fundraising, Leadership, or Social Media Would you help me shape this series? I'd appreciate your answering this brief 3 questions

The Ask Without Fear! Radio Talk Show

I'm pleased to announce the Ask Without Fear! radio show is starting next Tuesday! This radio show will be hosted through Every Tuesday at 11 a.m., I'll be interviewing the top fundraising gurus from around the US (and eventually from around the world). My first four guests are: Jay Love, founder and CEO of

Looking forward to May!

This month's Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants question is: "What are you most looking forward to in the coming weeks and months?" My immediate answer is: Montreal in May! I've been invited to give two talks at Blackbaud's Conference for Nonprofits. On Thursday, May 1, I'll be teaching people to ask without fear!. Then on Friday,

Fundraising Secret #10: Read Blogs

January is a great time to set plans for the new year. I know many of you are using my MagnetGoals Program or something similar. If raising more money this year is one of your goals, one of the most important things you can commit to is investing in learning. Learn all you can about