The most important words of your email?

Writing the only part of the email your donors might see: the email subject line Is your inbox filled with holiday sales, year end reminders, and charity appeals? It can be challenging to make your own nonprofit's emails standout! The email subject line. Much like the importance of a postscript in fundraising letters, your email

What an effective email fundraising subject line!

As a fundraising coach, I take a critical look at fundraising letters and emails. It's always thrilling to be pleasantly surprised! Last week, I was pleasantly surprised to look in my inbox and see this email subject line: Email subject line: "You made this happen." Isn't that a great email subject line?! I couldn't wait

Building your nonprofit's email list

Back in 2000, I used email to raise $100,000 in six weeks. I wrote about it in "The $100,000 Guide to Email Solicitation." (You can buy it in the Fundraising Coach Store but I give it away free to everyone who signs up for my free email newsletter.) People tell me they find the "ten

A FundraisingKick: An easy email fundraising idea from Zappos

I don't normally share my messages to the Fundraising Kick folks here on my blog...but I am today. Here's what I sent them this week. Two weeks ago, I got an email that got me thinking “why couldn’t nonprofits do that?” Here is the entire text of the email: Dear Marc Pitman, One year ago,

How often are you sending bulk emails?

This week I am pleased to introduce you to Naomi Hamilton. Based in Australia, Naomi is the Digital Marketing Consultant for Blackbaud Pacific. This was originally published on the NetWitsThinkTank blog, where she's a regular contributor. And you can follow her on Twitter at Fairynomo By Naomi Hamilton How often do you send out bulk

5 tips for email fundraising

This summer is my class reunion from Milton Academy. (A George Bush was president when I graduated but I won't tell you which one.) All reunions have class gifts. As a fundraising coach, I figured fundraising from my classmates should be a cinch. It wasn't! I found myself making all the mistakes I coach people

Crafting subjects for year-end fundraising emails

All month, I've been seeing some odd email subjects trying to get me to give. Would you open any of these? An Appeal From [Nonprofit] CEO [Name] It's Not Too Late for Your 2010 Tax Deduction: Support [nonprofit] Today Since we are at year-end, could you re-visit your charitable giving? I'm not a fan of