Fundraising is farming, not Powerball

Nonprofits often mistake hiring professionals like fundraising coaches or consultants as buying the winning lottery ticket. No matter what they've been told, they think the professional will magically find them funding. Fortunately, that is actually great for nonprofits. Lottery winners typical have awful outcomes. They often live miserable lives. True fundraising is like farming Fundraising

Special Fundraising Book Bundle for your board and volunteers

--> I originally wrote Ask Without Fear! to be used with boards of directors and groups of volunteers. So I'm offering a special "Board Bundle": order 10 books at a 35% discount. 10 copies of Ask Without Fear! would normally cost $149.50. But purchased with this bundle, it's only $97. Board Bonus Order 10 copies

Fundraising Secret #18: Be human

Jeff Brooks' recent post at DonorPowerBlog is such a great reminder: when you're writing fundraising letters, you need to write like a human being. He offers a great real-life example of typical copy from a fundraising letter he received. Winter disasters and other emergencies are on the way. And your gift to [name of charity

Fundraising Secret #14: Don't be hard on local businesses

I originally wanted to call this fundraising secret: Don't be a jerk—business people often don't have liquid assets. That seems to get the message across more bluntly. I'm amazed at how poorly we treat business owners. Especially sole-proprietors. We approach them in ways we wouldn't dream of approaching our other donors. With entitlement, bordering on

Fundraising Secret #13: Fundraise for causes you're passionate about

I just had the privilege of speaking at the Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes' annual meeting. What a fun group of people! As a pastor, it was a blast to speak with people who's job is to help people in their parish grow in giving. These people were passionate about what they do, and about

50 lighter

I've been very "aware" of my blog reading habits since Fundraising Secret #10: Read Blogs. And I realized I'd signed up for too many. So many people are writing so many good things. But I don't need to read them all. I just went through my 112 subscriptions and purged. I'm now 50 subscriptions lighter!

More on Ned

In the spirit of my Fundraising Secret #11: Don't be a Ned, I offer this from YouTube.