15 Social Media Tips for Ministry Fundraising

This month's Church Executive features an interview with me on how pastors can use social media for fundraising. The editor pulled out 15 of the most important tips I've learned, both pastoring a church and in coaching church planters and others in ministry fundraising. It was fun to see what she chose! Social media tips

Fundraising for ministry support

A couple weeks ago, I gave a series of lectures at the Funding Your Ministry Symposium to over 100 coaches from around the world. These people represented 48 different missionary associations including large organizations like The Navigators, InterVarsity, Cru, YWAM, and Wycliffe. The people they coach are raising their own ministry support. They don't have

Fundraising Myth: If we build it, God will fund it

I get the opportunity to work with a lot of faith-based organizations. I love helping them get excited about raising money and showing them that others in the Bible got excited about fundraising too! But I'm amazed by a persistent cop-out so common among Christian causes, I'm adding it to my "Fundraising Myths" category. The