Mobile Giving 101

Mobile giving is one of the hottest topics in town. That being said, many people have been throwing the term around without fully understanding its practices or implications. It’s more than just texting to give. And that’s precisely why we’ve crafted this essential guide to mobile giving. We’ll explore everything from the definition of mobile

Another take on mobile giving

After my post about mobile giving apps, I learned about a new free app called TexTango. The idea isn't specifically for nonprofits. This app pays you to text. You download it for free and there is no monthly fee. By using this app instead of your phone's native SMS service, you see an ad when

Mobile giving? There's an app for that!

When you ask people about making a donation through their phone, they usually think of texting donations like they do for the Red Cross. That is about to change. A growing number of services are allowing people to give donations from their phone. And services allowing you, as a nonprofit, to receive donations right at