[Guest Post] 3 Tips to Create Sustainable Nonprofit Systems

I'm honored to introduce Tycely Williams. Tycely impresses me with her ability to create solutions for nonprofits that can be sustained even with small staffs. Here are some of her thoughts on helping let fundraising permeate all the areas of your nonprofit. She'll be expanding on these in her training for The Nonprofit Academy. Tycely

[Question Marc] How do I recruit new board members?

From time to time, I have a feature I call Question Marc?. [Pun fully intended] A coaching client who is a board member for an arts organization recently sent me this question: We are trying to quickly build up our board since it is small. I am planning on asking 3 people. I think they

Social Media: How to convince your boss

Every week or so, I get a question like I did last night. It was basically, "How do you convince your boss to let me use social media?" So being a social media geek, I immediately posted the question on LinkedIn's "Answers" tool. You can see the question and the answers here: http://www.linkedin.com/answers/non-profit/non-profit-management/NNP_MGM/975753-8616660 Three basic

The Folk Dance of Nonprofit Organizational Development

The Folk Dance of Nonprofit Organizational Development by Marc A. Pitman, FundraisingCoach.com The first three to four years of a nonprofit is a startup phase. Things are gloriously crazing. People are living on a dream. The possibilities are endless. The adrenaline is flowing. The nonprofit is the team's life. They live, eat, and breath the

A thank you to nonprofit fundraisers

June 30 is the end of the fiscal year for many nonprofits. Tomorrow, the bar gets set higher. But that's tomorrow. Today, I just wanted to say 'thank you" to all of you who raise money for nonprofit, community benefit organizations. Your work is making a difference. Feel free to share this with any fundraisers

Are fundraising professionals stupid?

I just had another talk with a fundraising director who was getting micro-managed by a nonprofit ED. She was out visiting sponsors for an event and getting emails questioning whether being out of the office was the best use of her time. This happens all the time. Even when fundraising professionals specifically ask a question

Got a great nonprofit video? Submit it for the DoGooder Video awards

Did you see the awards that See3 and YouTube are giving? Apparently it's the fifth year of the "DoGooder Video awards." There are awards for large, medium, and small nonprofits and even for low-cost videos. The CASE Foundation is offering $2500 prizes. Here's a video with more information checkout the page on YouTube. Or watch