Your fundraising letters helped by zombies

Have you ever struggled with the active voice vs. passive voice in your fundraising letters? It's so easy to slip into the passive voice, thinking it sounds more "objective" or "business-like." But active voice is easier to read and is better at accomplishing your goal: getting donors to take action! While it's best to have

Millenials aren't really that different!

Millenials aren't really different. Charities just haven't been paying attention! Charities have gotten used to the WORLD WAR II GENERATION's trust in big social programs. Big programs overcame the Great Depression and overcame Hitler, right? So if "everyone does their part" we'll overcome the next hurdle. But their kids, the SILENT GENERATION started questioning the

Nonprofit Marketing Tips from 19 Experts

A while ago, I was invited to be a guest lecturer at Brandeis. As my friend David Mersky was introducing me, I put this question across various social media platforms: RIGHT NOW: Nonprofit people, what marketing tips would you tell a graduate class on philanthropy? I'm guest lecturing at Brandeis right now and would love

Bing is surprisingly important for your nonprofit marketing

I'm a huge fan of Google. I've written about Google Calendar, Google Trends, Google+ for nonprofits, and do most of my work in Gmail and Google Drive. So tools like Bing fly under my radar. Don't miss out on Bing Google is still the biggest search engine on the planet. So paying attention to SEO

[Guest Post] 7 tips for sharing stories about your nonprofit work

Today I'm pleased to introduce you to Lori Jacobwith. Lori and I have interacted over the last few years and finally got to meet in Minneapolis earlier this year. I've asked her to share her top tips on storytelling. You can check out her step-by-step storytelling system and you can follow her on Twitter @ljacobwith.

Amazon is giving away my book for free today

Amazon is promoting my newest book Nonprofit Social Media: A beginner's guide to building donor relationships from your desk. On Thursday, July 18, Amazon is giving the Kindle version away for free. Just go to to see if they've set it up for free. This book is not written for techies or geeks. This

[Guest Post] How To Use Google Trends

Today it's my privilege to introduce you to Andy Crestodina. Andy is the Strategic Director of Orbit Media, a web design company in Chicago. The author of the incredibly helpful SEO book Content Chemistry, he's amazing when it comes to helping your website receive exactly the type of traffic you want. I've invited him to