Fundraising Secret #17: Ask everyone for planned gifts

Usually when we do think about estate giving, or so-called "planned giving," we tend to think of really rich people. But the AFP reports shares that a new study by Campbell & Company blows this preconception away. According to the AFP: Most surprising for fundraisers was that income did not affect the likelihood that donors

Economic impact on fundraising

Last week, I posted a bit about the counter-intuitive relationship of the economy and people's generousity here in Maine. Now planned giving guru Robert Sharpe's April Newsletter comments on it from a much better researched perspective! Here's a bit: With all the media attention on our turbulent economy in recent months, fund development executives may

Involuntary tithing

Check this article out from the Chronicle of Philanthropy's daily email: A Charity Levy for Britain's Wealthy? Affluent British people who do not give at least 10 percent of their incomes to charity should pay an equivalent surcharge in taxes, said Frank Field, former welfare reform minister for Britain’s Labour party, according to The Financial

$100 donor or millionaire?

Just read this in the daily update from the Chronicle of Philanthropy: Large Bequest Surprises Diabetes Charity An 86-year-old Annapolis woman who died in a house fire last March shocked a diabetes group by bequeathing it the largest donation in the organization’s history — $7.3-million, reports The Washington Post. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, which