9 experts weigh in on quite possibly the worst nonprofit mobile friendly advice ever

Worst nonprofit social media advice

Just over a week ago, I saw this tweet from a self-proclaimed “social media expert”: #Google is requesting all websites are mobile friendly by April. Use #socialmedia instead and avoid the expense of #websiteredesign This is horrible advice. The worst ever. At first, I was embarrassed for this guy. He probably means well. Google is […]

Get new donors with Facebook Ads?

Learn the power of Facebook ads for your nonprofit

Are you confused about Facebook Advertising and how it applies to your nonprofit fundraising? You know that your donors and prospects are on Facebook. Facebook ads are becoming a must in today’s pay-to-play Facebook model but where do you start? And how much do you have to spend to be effective? And how can you […]

Are you ready for donors using LinkedIn?

LinkedIn and nonprofit fundraising

In teaching nonprofit social media, I call LinkedIn the “little engine that could.” Started in late 2002, LinkedIn has seen many social media platforms rise and fall. (Anyone remember Friendster or MySpace?) But LinkedIn keeps trucking along. And in my non-scientific experience, it is the preferred social media platform of many executives. They tell me […]

Nonprofit board members: The next 3 minutes can transform your nonprofit’s next event

How nonprofit board members can invite people to events listed on Facebook

As a nonprofit board member, it can be challenging to know how to best help your nonprofit. After all, they are the experts. They know their sector far better than you ever will. So how can you help them? 1 simple thing you can do today to help your nonprofit get new donors Here is […]

Is your nonprofit ready for #GivingTuesday?


Giving Tuesday is right around the corner. Does your nonprofit have a plan? What is #GivingTuesday? Here in the United States, the Friday after Thanksgiving has become known as “Black Friday”– it’s the day many retailers sell so much that they end the year “in the black.” A few years back, online retailers decided to […]

Facebook promotions just got easier for nonprofits!

Screenshot of FB blog -Facebook Promotions just got easier for nonprofits

Like to be entered Facebook promotions used to be a weird thing. Nonprofits did them but technically, they risked Facebook deleting their page. Facebooks changes its terms again. This time for the good! Now according to Facebook’s blog you can run those promotions without fear! You’re now able to use likes and comments as votes […]

Amazon is giving away my book for free today

Cover image of Nonprofit Social Media: A beginner's guide to building donor relationships from your desk

Amazon is promoting my newest book Nonprofit Social Media: A beginner’s guide to building donor relationships from your desk. On Thursday, July 18, Amazon is giving the Kindle version away for free. Just go to http://amzn.to/13jVxup to see if they’ve set it up for free. This book is not written for techies or geeks. This […]