5 Tips to Maximize Twitter chats

Maximizing Twitter chats

I last posted on Twitter chats back in April in the post 5 Twitter Tips for Fundraisers. Since then, I’ve really stepped up my participation in Twitter chats, particularly #blogchat: primarily about blogging; occurs most Sunday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern #speakchat: Monday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern, a moderated chat about some aspect of […]

[Guest Post] Getting Started with Social Media

Getting Started with Social Media

Social media continues to grow in both popularity and reach. It accounts for 22.7% of time spent on the web. Newspapers and television shows are constantly referring to Twitter and Facebook. It’s even been said that Nonprofits are among the leaders in social media adoption. With all the buzz it’s likely you’ve started asking yourself “how can my organization use social media to enhance our online efforts?” I’ve got a few thoughts and ideas for you.

Great reason to NOT fundraise with Facebook

Facebook is down

What would you do if your nonprofit’s only web presence and online fundraising were in Facebook? I recently loaded Facebook but got this page. Apparently, Facebook was experiencing instability. While it still happens frequently with Twitter, this is rare in my experience of Facebook. But it serves as a good warning. Don’t limit your fundraising […]

Show your face on blogs


“Sheesh. I can’t remember their name…but if I saw their face! Then I’d know them!” How often have you heard that said? Or said it yourself? If you’re doing nonprofit marketing or fundraising on the web with social media like Facebook and Twitter, you know the importance of having your face (or logo if you […]

Using Twitter and Facebook in your year-end fundraising letter strategy

Last time, we looked at creating a year-end strategy for fundraising letters. But in today’s world, it’s wise to consider complementing these appeals with tools like Facebook and Twitter. According to FundRaising Success Magazine: Between 35 percent to 42 percent of online giving happens in November and December each year, and the average gift during […]

Twitter 101: What’s the deal with hashtags (and why should I care?)

All week, I’ve been sharing the answers I’ve been giving to questions I’ve been getting on how to effectively use Twitter. The first two were on what I use to tweet and how to find interesting people to follow. Today is the final installment: What are hashtags? (And why should I care?) What are “hashtags”? […]

Twitter 101: Finding Interesting People to Follow

On Monday, I started the first of three posts I’m calling Twitter 101. That post focuses on programs I use to tweet. Today, I’ll answer the second question I’ve been getting: How do I find people to follow on Twitter? How do I find people to follow on Twitter? Following interesting people is the key […]