How to target your nonprofit ads in Facebook

I was just checking in with Facebook, when an NTEN ad caught my eye. It wasn't the image. (Not sure what that is.) But it was the "You're already a fan of NTEN..." line. Let's face it, most Facebook ads are as effective as community bulletin boards at the supermarket--very easy to ignore. But this

[Guest Post] Getting Started with Social Media

Social media continues to grow in both popularity and reach. It accounts for 22.7% of time spent on the web. Newspapers and television shows are constantly referring to Twitter and Facebook. It’s even been said that Nonprofits are among the leaders in social media adoption. With all the buzz it’s likely you’ve started asking yourself “how can my organization use social media to enhance our online efforts?” I’ve got a few thoughts and ideas for you.

A case for Twitter, Facebook, & social media for healthcare fundraisers

I was just on a call with fellow members of the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy folks when someone asked, “Does anyone here use Twitter or Facebook?” It appeared I was the only one using social media for my nonprofit. Many wanted to, but their IT departments wouldn't let them. Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and

If you're not on Twitter... should at least be learning about using Twitter for your nonprofit. Check out the volume of tweets during the Inauguration: The green line is last week at the same time. The blue line is this week. Twitter reports up to 5 times as many tweets per SECOND during the peak time. Yes, they measure

FREE: "Join" the page & connect with others raising money for their cause!!

I love the benefits of social media: the ability to make connections, meet people I'd never meet staying here in Maine, two-way conversation rather than simply one-way broadcasting, etc. So I've added Google FriendConnect to my site. Just go to and you'll see the group on the left side of the screen. (I'm assuming

Even MORE on Twitter for Nonprofits

Brian Solis wrote an amazing post today listing loads of Twitter tools for building community. In his post, he gives a description and links to each of these tools: twubble GroupTweet twitt(url)y TwitLinks TweetDeck Gridjit Tweet Later Twist Twerp Scan Summize Twemes #hashtags Tweet Scan Twinfluence TwitterGrader Twittertise Twitterrific Twhirl TwitterWhere tweetbeep twitterfeed TwitDir

Alternative Nonprofit Marketing?

I just spent 4 hours in the rain putting these signs for our Fall Pops Benefit Concert. The industry calls them "yard signs." I'm hoping that they'll catch people off guard in the midst of the signs of the political candidates! It's a good reminder that as fun as web 2.0 is, offline marketing still