The secret behind year-end fundraising fall appeals

Maibox image from Indiana Public Media for The secrets to year-end fundraising success

Fall is upon us and that means year-end giving is right around the corner. If you haven’t written your year end appeals over the summer, then now is the time to get those done! As a broad generalization, I recommend sending a mailing: now (late Aug/early Sept) in mid-November in mid-December How to write fundraising [...]

3 ways to jumpstart year end giving by planning your fall fundraising now

Calendar image of 12/31/13 Year end giving takes work - start planning fall fundraising today!

Nonprofits are making a big mistake when reading studies that show that over 50% of charitable giving happens in December. They are putting off their year end appeals until December! Did you notice that last December? My inbox was flooded with nonprofit emails begging me to give. This is foolish because it's confusing when donors [...]

4 Tips for Successful Online Fundraising this December

Fundraising on the Web: it's not just a birthday wish

Are you looking at the next 3 weeks as time wasted for fundraising? Are excuses like "Everyone is going to a holiday party" and "No one will want to hear from me" filling your mind and mouth? Stop it. A recent seven year analysis of online giving conducted by Network for Good indicates that over [...]

Dialing for dollars (directions & fundraising script)

Dialing for dollars! The end of the fiscal year fundraising push

For many of us, June is the end of the fiscal year. Most donors could care less. But that doesn't mean we can slack off! A deadline is a great motivator. So even if it is a deadline that makes no sense to donors (donors think in terms of the tax year), it can still [...]

3 tips for fundraising in the last week of the year

Year end giving and fundraising tips

People love deadlines This week is a huge week for giving! Christmas is over but there are still a few days before the end of the tax year. People are motivated by deadlines. And the end of the calendar year is a powerful deadline. Use it to your advantage. Make the most of this week [...]

3 fundraising ideas for a strong finish to your fiscal year

3 fundraising ideas for a strong finish to your fiscal year

For many of us, June is the end of the fiscal year. There is still time to make sure you finish this year strong. Here are my three suggestions: Revisit your no's Last year a friend told me about a campaign she was working on. Since I was familiar with her community, I mentioned some [...]

Crafting subjects for year-end fundraising emails

All month, I've been seeing some odd email subjects trying to get me to give. Would you open any of these? An Appeal From [Nonprofit] CEO [Name] It's Not Too Late for Your 2010 Tax Deduction: Support [nonprofit] Today Since we are at year-end, could you re-visit your charitable giving? I'm not a fan of [...]