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We want to make it ridiculously easy to find fundraising tools. You can help - and be paid for it! We figure we wouldn't make the sales without your help, so we're offering affiliates 40% of the sale price on anything in the store. This includes books, ebooks, digital audio, Fundraising Kick email subscriptions, monthly subscriptions to The Nonprofit Academy...even the $399 Highlands Ability Battery.

You get 40% of every sale, even of the recurring subscriptions to Fundraising Kick and The Nonprofit Academy. One referral, income month after month. How sweet is that?

And if you refer people to who become affiliates themselves, you'll receive 5% from their sales too!

The only exception we can think of is stuff produced by other publishers like the workbooks and CDs purchased through Lulu, the t-shirts purchased through CafePress, and the DVDs sold through the (After signing up here, hop on over to the and click on the link "Become a Partner" down at the bottom right hand side of their page. Their affiliate program is amazing too!)

You get to help others while helping yourself or your nonprofit. What could be better?

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