Tools to Help Your Nonprofit Marketing & Fundraising

These are the tools I’ve found helpful in raising money and maintaining relationships. I like them so much, I'm an affiliate of some of them.

Fundraising Coach Store: These are the best tools and seminars I offer to help board members and others fundraise more effectively.
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Movie Mondays for Fundraising Professionals: Every Monday, a short 5-10 minute interview with a fundraising professional is delivered to your inbox for free! I love hearing how colleagues from around the country are creatively approaching fundraising and working with boards. Great way to start the week! (And yes, I have been in a few of them too!)

Charity How To: Charity How To webinars are incredibly high value and full of extra information. These are the highest quality webinars I've come across.

My Fundraising and Nonprofit Marketing Bookstore on Fundraising, church planting, and personal leadership books that I like. (There are also great books on the Executive Books Store.)

MOO MiniCards: Before I created bow tie shaped business cards, these were the cards I most often handed out. MOO Cards can be a fun way for your nonprofit to stand out for a donor or prospect.

Send Out Cards: An incredibly simple online way to send real honest-to-goodness greeting cards through the mail to your donors, colleagues, and family! An incredible host for your websites at just $6.95/month. The only registrar I use for all my domain names. (I like having my hosting and my domain registrar be two different companies.)

Sawtooth Internet Development: Even for the most ardent do-it-yourselfer, sometimes you need help. Sawtooth is amazingly helpful with my WP design and backend optimization.

Gillware Data Recovery: When my hard drive crashed, my local tech couldn't get anything off of it. But Gillware could. I highly recommend their services! And if you use this link, they'll cover the cost of shipping your computer to them: Amazing resource for autoresponders and ezine lists. No more fake subscriptions in your inbox! Terrific ecommerce shopping cart solution with prices starting at only $5/month. If your nonprofit sells items, this could be a good solution.

Twitter: I love using Twitter. It helps you extend your reach far beyond your geographical limitations. I've written alot of posts on Twitter and social media for nonprofits and an article on Twitter for fundraising and nonprofit marketing. Check those out for more great ideas for fundraising.

  • HootSuite: This is a great option for working with social media. I use this to update my various Twitter accounts, Facebook Pages, and LinkedIn. I love that I can use this on my desktop, iPad, and Android phone. Same account, same access.
  • Pluggio: This was one of the cleanest designed tools especially if you're tweeting from multiple accounts. Affiliate Program: Yep, a little shameless self-promotion. But as an affiliate, you get 40% of what people buy from or affiliated products pages. I love this online printing service. Not only is it inexpensive, it also lets you see proofs right online and in real time. This is my source for business cards and postcards. has some of the greatest royalty-free photos on the web. I love their collection! A great option for creating printed material when you don't want an inventory. My printed workbooks, like the MagnetGoals Program workbook are done through Lulu.

Amazon's Kindle: This has revolutionized my reading. I can now take as many books with me to the gym or on a trip and it will never weigh more than this slim reader. I'm a huge kindle fan! Check out my Kindle before and after pictures!

Fred Gleeck: Fred's got amazing ideas on marketing in an internet age. I've really learned alot from Fred's speaking and writing. I bet you will too! Support independent booksellers!

Books I refer to alot (in case you don't go to the Amazon store link or the Executive Books Store)

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