The online edition of the complete Ask Without Fear! DVD. Marc went into the studio to film this. It's perfect for both nonprofit boards and nonprofit staff.

1- Why is fundraising such a privilege?

Most people would rather do ANYTHING other than fundraise. This section shares why Marc thinks it's the best job in the world!

2- The 4 Steps in Asking for Money

Over the years, people keep asking Marc, "How do I ask for money?" Here is an overview of his 4-step method.

3- The First Step: Research

Here's how to know exactly how much you need to raise AND who you need to raise it from. This one step makes your fundraising MUCH more effective.

4- The CPI Review for Board Members

The "CPI Review" is a powerful way for board members to help their nonprofit review donor prospects and "suspects." Marc explains exactly how in this made-for-the-board-meeting introduction.

5- Engaging Your Donor Prospects

The second major step in successful fundraising is engaging your donor prospects. This session shows you all the ways you can accomplish this. And why.

6- How to Ask for Money

Even if you hadn't done the previous steps, this session would be fundraising gold. But now, with all the preceding work, you really can ask without fear!

7- Love: The secret to sustainable funding (and enjoying it)

The "love" step is the secret sauce in fundraising. Donors are not used to nonprofits saying thank you and being interested in them as people. And this is the best way to make fundraising both fulfilling to you and more stable for your nonprofit.

Ask Without Fear!® Downloads

Here are all the downloads available on the Resource CD that comes with the DVD.

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