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Ask Without Fear!®

Here is the complete copy of Ask Without Fear!®!

BONUS: Gift Grid for Raising $100,000

This is a sample of the number of gifts and the dollar amounts you should aim for to successfully raise $100,000.

Calling Scripts

Sometimes it’s easier to see a script, so we’ve supplied you with one we’ve used. Feel free to modify it for your use.

 CPI Prospect Review Exercise

As you saw in the “research” section, the CPI exercise can be one of the best tools in helping nonprofits get to know more about their best prospects…and even their “suspects.”

CPI Prospect Review Blank Worksheet

The CPI worksheet is easy to set up. But if you don’t want to create your own, you can just use this one.

Fundraising House Party Outline

Fundraising house parties can be a low-risk way for board members to introduce their nonprofit to their friends and colleagues. Here’s a minute-by-minute plan on how to run one, either for fundraising or just for engaging.

Sample Case Statement: Waterville Public Library

In the “research” step, Marc talked about writing a case statement. Here’s an example of one that was produced for a rural library in Maine.

Sample: Pledge Form

For bigger gifts, it’s important to get the commitment in writing. Here’s a very basic pledge form template.

21 Ways for Board Members to Engage with their Nonprofit's Fundraising book image

You'll discover the 21 ways each board member can help their nonprofit's fundraising - even if they don't like to ask for money!

As a bonus, you'll get free fundraising tips every other week too!

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