This 3-part video course provides board members and "accidental" fundraisers - including CEO's and executive directors - with the essential terms & strategy for successful charitable fundraising. Nonprofit fundraising isn't a "guess," it's a fully developed profession. There is a growing field of documented research, academic certifications, and professional associations. You wouldn't tell your cardiologist you thought she was using the wrong stent - you'd risk making a huge mistake with your life! This course helps you avoid taking a similarly huge risk with the life of your nonprofit! The material has been tested in live trainings and proven true for over a decade. Now it's available to you for a fraction of the price!

You can even earn continuing education points toward your CFRE from taking this course!

Class #1 - Where donations come from, how to structure your schedule, and what funds each nonprofit should be raising money for

We've been asking for money for millennia and we've been studying this heavily since WWII...fundraising doesn't need to be a guessing game.

Class #2 - What you should be saying, how you should be saying it, and what to do to be most effective in each facet of your fundraising

Too often, we unintentionally confuse donors. This class will help you make your message clear so you can make it easier for people to give!

Class #3 - The best way to avoid ticking off donors, how to plan out your fundraising year, who should do what, and why fundraising is THE coolest thing we could ever do!

Fundraising gets to be about developing lifelong, mutually meaningful relationships with donors. So here's how to not irritate them!

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