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“We doubled our donations (year-over-year) by executing well a new fund-raising strategy based on principles we learned from Marc Pitman.” – Paul Castiglione, Marketing Consultant, Cambridge, MA

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Registration for this class is closed right now. Join the wait list to be the first to know when we open again!

Lifetime access to the entire 3-part video class and worksheets!

“Thank you Marc, you were right on target! My board was very energized and took lots of notes. This is exactly what we needed to get focused and prepare for the next steps.” – Doug Armstrong, CEO, North Star Reach, Ann Arbor, MI

“Thanks so much! I am actually enjoying learning about fundraising! I didn’t think that was possible.” – Cami Foerster, Board Chair, Dorchester, MA

For over a decade, Marc’s been able to teach board members, volunteers, and “accidental” fundraisers the basics of fundraising in a class, not so wittily, called “Fundraising 101.” Each time he teaches it, he sees board members get more comfortable with the terminology, the strategy, and their involvement in fundraising. So do executive directors and even development directors! Well, for the first time ever, this has been transformed into an online course. Over the course of 4-days, you’ll be emailed all three video classes and all the homework templates as well as other helpful tools, like exactly how to hold a successful fundraising party at your house. And you’ll be able to watch the classes over and over since you’ll have access to this for life.

In Fundraising 101, you'll learn

  • where the money donated for charity comes from–the facts always surprise board members
  • how you should be allocating whatever time you have for fundraising–whether it’s your fulltime job or just a volunteer gig
  • what funds every nonprofit should be fundraising for
  • what messages you should use for fundraising–there are basically only 3!
  • what tools you can use to communicate your message–and tips for doing each effectively, and
  • how to run an effective house party–a terrific use of board members time and effort

You'll even get homework to:

  • review your nonprofits funds and see what’s missing,
  • re-allocate your time for maximum effectiveness,
  • determine what messages each communication and event are actually sending donors, and
  • assess the effectiveness of your fundraising letters.

Plus you’ll get an overview of an entire fundraising year and a detailed minute-by-minute plan for successful fundraising events!

“With his genuine interest in people, and in helping them become more effective promoting their charitable causes, Marc Pitman has been a tremendous support to me and my efforts to support my own cause.” – Beth Striebeck, Trustee, San Jose, CA

“Marc is a skillful and knowledgable coach, and a true expert on fundraising. He provided very helpful fundraising advice to a nonprofit where I serve on the board. If you need someone to assist with any area of fundraising, Marc is your guy!” – CJ Hayden, Author, Wings Business Coaching, San Francisco, CA

We’re even including the actual outline with timing for a fundraising or donor cultivation house party. These are one of the best ways for board members to be effectively engaged in nonprofit fundraising. And it has an online forum for people to pose questions and create strategies for working the content into their culture. Can you tell we love this class? We’ve seen it help board members and executive directors move off of the pointless fundraising ideas and focus on the things that will truly get them all the funding their nonprofit deserves! The content in this course helps you avoid the biggest mistakes and helps you focus your fundraising efforts. But we kept the price down so even the smallest organization can be helped. Once you purchase it, you’ll have access to all the modules, homework, and any additional links or resources for as long as the Internet lasts!

You can even earn continuing education points toward your CFRE from taking this course!
Earn CFRE credit!

Registration for this class is closed right now. Join the wait list to be the first to know when we open again!

Lifetime access to the entire 3-part video class and worksheets!

How much does this course cost?

Fundraising 101 would well be worth an investment of hundreds of dollars, but we’re only charging $97 for this. That includes lifetime access to all the modules, including any extra features that are added.

How is the course delivered?

It’s really simple. The self-paced course is designed for busy board members so each video based modules is emailed over the course of a week. You’ll get access to the Class #1 immediately. In a couple days, you’ll get access to Class #2. A couple days after that you’ll get access to Class #3. After that, you’ll have lifetime access to all three classes and the downloads. This isn’t an academic course so we don’t require students to do the homework or even watch the video before sending the next one. But our students told us emailing them this way kept them engaged without feeling overwhelmed.

Can I show this to my board or team?

Fundraising 101 is designed for individual students. Each enrolled student gets lifetime access to all the videos, all the handouts and assessments, and to the online class forum. If you don’t think every board member or staff member will get the course for themselves, there is an additional “organizational viewing” option available on the order form. This allows you to share the videos with a board or team. You will still be the only one with a login, but the videos can be shown at board meetings or other gatherings.

Will this be available again?

Every person that enrolls in the course will have lifetime access to the videos, materials, and the forum. You will have access those for as long as there is an internet. Registration is currently closed but we will likely open it again in the future. Join the wait list to be notified.

Registration for this class is closed right now. Join the wait list to be the first to know when we open again!

Lifetime access to the entire 3-part video class and worksheets!


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