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Over the years, Inland and Lakewood have enjoyed the strong support of local community leaders and businesses. Their support helps ensure our ability to provide the best healthcare possible to the entire community.

Since Inland Foundation, Inland Hospital, and Lakewood are all 501(c) (3) nonprofits, many have found that giving can not only support the mission of our organizations but also help them in their financial planning.

Here are a few ways donors have supported the well being of our community:

Make a Donation Now https://secure.emh.org/inland/on_line_gift.asp
Become a Volunteer http://inlandhospital.org/Volunteer/default.htm

Gifts by Cash, Credit Cards, and EFTs
Corporate Matching Gifts
Gifts by Will or Bequest
Gifts of Appreciated Securities
Gifts of Closely Held Stock
Gifts of Real Estate
Gifts of Life Insurance
Charitable Remainder Unitrusts and Annuity Trusts (CRUTs & CRATs)
Charitable Lead Trusts

Gifts by Cash, Credit Cards, and EFTs

The simplest way to make a gift is to contribute cash. Checks should be made payable to the Inland Foundation with either “Inland Hospital,” “Inland Foundation,” or “Lakewood” in the memo.

An increasing number of donors are charging their gifts to Discover, Visa, or MasterCard credit cards. You can do that now by going clicking here (https://secure.emh.org/inland/on_line_gift.asp).

If you’d like the convenience of making a monthly donation without the hassle of remembering to write a check, we can help you set up an electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your checking or savings account. A blank “Direct Payment Authorization Form” is available for your use. (Click a link for a PDF to open in a new window.)

Corporate Matching Gifts

Some corporations encourage employees to make charitable contributions by matching their gifts dollar-for-dollar. Sometimes these companies even double or triply your gift.

To see a list of companies with matching gift programs, click here.

Gifts by Will or Bequest

Bequests large and small have contributed to the good health of Inland and Lakewood over the years. By including Inland or Lakewood in their will, many donors find they are able to make a much larger gift than they’d thought possible.

Bequests can help reduce your estate taxes. Check with your attorney to see if the following language is appropriate for your situation:

“____ percent of all the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, both real and personal, wherever situated, I give, devise, and bequeath to the Inland Foundation, a Maine nonprofit corporation having its principal administrative offices at 200 Kennedy Memorial Drive, Waterville, Maine 04901, to be used for the general purposes of [Inland Foundation, Inland Hospital, or Lakewood Continuing Care Center or indicate a specific program or purpose, agreed to in advance by the Inland Foundation].”

Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Donors often like to make gifts of appreciated long-term securities as a way of supporting health and wellness in our community. Check with your advisor to see how making a gift of stock can help you make a lasting impact in the community while bypassing capital gains tax.

To make a gift of stock to the Inland Foundation, you’ll need to give the following information to your broker:

Firm: A. G. Edwards

Contact: John Doe, 222 Kennedy Memorial Drive, Waterville, ME 04901

DTC # x-xxx

For the benefit of: The Inland Foundation

Inland Foundation Federal ID # xx-xxxxxxx

A blank “Letter of Authorization” is available for your use. (Click the link for a PDF to open in a new window.).

Gifts of Closely Held Stock

If making a gift of closely held stock, the donor usually avoids capital gains on appreciation of the stock and receives a tax deduction. Often gifts such as this are followed by an offer from the corporation to redeem the stock with its retained earnings. The Inland Foundation must approve gifts of closely held stock.

Gifts of Real Estate

The Kennedy Memorial Drive campuses of both Inland and Lakewood are the result of a gift of real estate in the early 1960’s. The donor gave the entire parcel of land but left some of it in trust so she could stay on it until she passed away.

Gifts can consist of almost any type of property: personal or recreational residence, farm or ranch, commercial building, subdivision lots, undeveloped property or a fractional interest in property. Assets may be given outright and serve as the corpus of a trust arrangement or, in the case of a personal residence, given with the right of lifetime tenancy by donor and/or spouse. The benefits to the donor usually include an immediate partial charitable deduction as well as bypassing capital gains tax.

The Inland Foundation must approve gifts of real estate.

Gifts of Life Insurance

Using life insurance to make a major gift is an option for donors who no longer need policies they purchased years ago. You may choose to assign your policies irrevocably to the Inland Foundation on behalf of the Foundation, the Hospital, or Lakewood.

In most cases, you would realize an immediate tax deduction in the amount of the policy’s current value. The proceeds would not be subject to estate taxes and the premiums would be deductible for income tax purposes in the years thereafter, in which they are paid.

The Inland Foundation must approve gifts of life insurance.

Charitable Remainder Unitrusts and Annuity Trusts (CRUTs & CRATs)

Charitable trusts are particularly beneficial if you hold highly appreciated low-yield investments from which you would like to earn a higher return. A tax deduction should be allowed at the time the charitable trust is created. Call Marc A. Pitman, Director of the Inland Foundation or your advisors since the size of the deduction depends on the donor’s age, payment percentage, and other factors.

Charitable Lead Trusts

You can make a gift of the current income by putting property in a simple trust. You would specify the percentage of the total annual value that Inland or Lakewood is to receive. At the end of a designated period, the property is returned to you or to the non-charitable beneficiaries you have named. Such trusts may allow immediate tax advantages or may reduce the gift tax when the assets are passed to children or grandchildren at the expiration of the trust.

This is intended to be a helpful guide to the variety of ways to make a gift Inland or Lakewood. This is not intended as tax advice. Tax laws differ for federal and state purposes, from state to state, and are always subject to change. Each donor’s tax situation is unique.

Please consult your own tax advisors to determine the tax consequences in your own case of any gift you wish to make.


Ways to Give: Main Page (pdf)

This is the text and layout for a nonprofit’s main “Ways to Give” or “Ways of Giving” page.

This is the text and layout for a nonprofit's main "Ways to Give" or "Ways of Giving" page.

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