The other steps make this step easier. But without the ask, there is no fundraising! Here you'll learn all you need to know about each step of successfully asking in a ways donors feel excited to give!

Father on phone feeding baby from Flickr "The Commons" to illustrate How to set up a major gift solicitation appointment

7 steps to setting up a major gift solicitation appointment

If you set up a solicitation appointment well, you're well on your way to getting a gift. Here is exactly how to do that!

Donor stewardship starts on the first date

Marc's been hearing alot of CEO's and Executive Directors pridefully saying, "I don't ask on the first date." In this webinar, he explains why that could be the worst strategy ever.

Chapter 3: Get R.E.A.L.- Ask

In this video you will learn about how this course will work and how to follow it to maximise your results from this course

Fundraising throughout the year

Fundraising can happen all year long. Here is a month-by-month look at what to consider as you build out your calendar.

Grateful Patient Programs: Top 10 Best Practices

Grateful patients are the main source for healthcare philanthropy. In this interview, Marc shares the 10 best practices that surfaced from his research project on grateful patient programs and from his experiences creating them.

An interview with Andrea Waltz, author of Go for No!

One of the greatest fears associated with fundraising is rejection. That's why we love the book Go for No! This slim volume reframes "no's" making them a good thing! Marc was able to interview the author for his Fundraising Kick members. Now you get to hear it too. In no time, you'll find yourself eagerly looking for your next no!

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