What is the Highlands Ability Battery?

As your coach, I want to help you raise money and do your work in the most natural way as possible. I want to help you strategize your work and life to best fit your hard-wiring. I want to help you feel the joy of accomplishing your goals by aligning with your innate talent.

The Highlands Ability Battery (THAB) is the most comprehensive, objective assessment of natural abilities available. Rather than simply ask you questions about how you perceive yourself or how you think you act in different situations, THAB measures your performance on a series of actual work samples. After a somewhat grueling 3-4 hours of these samples, you’ll have an incredibly accurate and objective measurement of your natural abilities.

Why would you want that information? Abilities are the things that we do with ease, activities and viewpoints that come naturally. Abilities are the things we are hard-wired to do. When we’re working in conjunction with our abilities, work seems to flow. When we’re working against them, work takes incredible amounts of effort and is very stressful.

Knowing our natural abilities helps us communicate information to others and to understand how others may see the world differently. This knowledge can be invaluable in asking donors for gifts. I look forward to showing you how!

Take a sample of the THAB at the Highlands home page.

Highlands Ability Battery: $399

The Highlands Ability Battery is the premier tool for discovering your hard-wired natural abilities. You’ll receive

  • an orientation call helping clarify your goals and explaining the assessment process,
  • the 3-4 hour online assessment,
  • a detailed report of the results,
  • an extensive 2-hour coaching session with Marc to interpret the results and help you strategize your life, and
  • free e-mail support from Marc for a month.
Get ready to reduce stress! There are two easy ways to pay:

Pay for the THAB with one easy payment.
$399 one time
The Highlands Ability Battery Certified Consultant
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