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Our clients say they get reconnected with why they got into their nonprofit space in the first place. And it helps them grow into the unique leader they were created to be.

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It's not about scaring, but caring

I recently blogged about a storytelling tip for nonprofit leaders that I learned from Kindra Hall. The tip is especially powerful in nonprofit fundraising. Kindra took the millenia old story structure - beginning, middle, end - and reframed it as normal, explosion,...

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Nonprofit Payment Processing: The Ins and Outs

Passion may be a key player in determining a nonprofit’s success, but without the necessary funds to make it happen, your nonprofit will only get so far in making a difference. That’s why in order to gain real traction with donors, your nonprofit must first set up a...

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Are there other ways to fund your nonprofit?

Have you ever been asked by a board member, "Isn't there some other way of funding our work rather than asking for money?" Or have you thought that yourself? Well, NonprofitHub's CEO Randy Hawthorne says, "Yes!" He is experienced at generating revenue for his...

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