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Ask Without Fear! A simple guide to connecting donors with what matters to them mostAsk Without Fear!® A simple guide to connecting donors with what matters to them most

Chock full of practical, easy-to-understand fundraising tools and secrets, Ask Without Fear! is perfect for board members, nonprofit leaders, professional development officers, and everyone that wishes they could raise more money for their favorite cause!

“Pitman has distilled the process of fundraising…and reveals powerful secrets to help fundraisers handle objections.” -FundRaising Success Magazine


Read what others are saying and buy a copy for yourself or your team at the Ask Without Fear! book page 

Ask Without Fear for Christian MinistryAsk Without Fear® for Christian Ministry

This special version of Ask Without Fear! is perfect for anyone involved in fundraising or leading Christian ministries. Executive directors, pastors, people raising ministry support, and lay people will all appreciate learning why funding your mission doesn’t need to mean selling your soul. This edition includes a chapter looking at the stories of fundraising contained in the Bible.

“Ask Without Fear” is a Godsend for me as a musician, entrepreneur and communicator…[this] has given to giving me the heart and mind help that I need in this crucial area.”

Paul Colman singer/songwriter/producer/communicator

Read what others are saying and buy a copy for yourself or your team at the Ask Without Fear for Christian Ministry book page

Ask Without Fear Fundraising for Librarians


Ask Without Fear!® for Librarians- Helping librarians connect donors with what matters to them most

Libraries are more important to our culture than ever. But making that case in a Google-age can be challenging. Ask Without Fear for Librarians is a completely revised version of the popular book Ask Without Fear!. Written exclusively for librarians and library board members, this book gives you the strategy and exact phrases to use in asking for major gifts to raise more money for your library!

“Using Marc’s framework, we were able to exceed our fundraising goal in the worst recession since the Great Depression.” – Sarah Sugden, Library Director Waterville Public Library

Learn more or buy a copy for yourself at Ask Without Fear Fundraising for Librarians.

The Ask Without Fear!® Online Videos

Marc takes you through the “Get R.E.A.L.” system of fundraising so that you’re able to truly engage donors and make meaningful asks. The best thing about Marc is that he makes the process fun as he demystifies how to joyfully raise money for your cause.The videos are set up to be watched in bite sized sections. This way you can better absorb the information while saving yourself time. Marc also provides you with a downloadable “Done for You” resources and samples. …Need a CPI index for your board? ..a pledge form? …They’re made up for you, ready to download. Just print it out. It’s that easy. Filmed in a studio, these videos are perfect for use training boards and volunteers. To see a sample and to purchase these videos, go to: https://fundraisingcoach.com/ask-without-fear-dvd/

The Nonprofit Academy®

The Nonprofit Academy - affordable fundraising training at your finger tips!The Nonprofit Academy is a comprehensive nonprofit resource. The trainings teach proven fundraising practices that raise more money for your nonprofit. The over 100 trainings meet or exceed the rigorous standards to earn you CFRE continuing education credits. You can learn

  • to diagnose your organizational needs
  • how to write effective fundraising letters
  • exactly what to say on a major gift ask!

And you’ll get online networking with like-minded leaders from around the world. You can purchase one at a time, or subscribe for access to all of them. It’s up to you.. To learn more and to become a member, head over to http://NonprofitAcademy.com/.

Fundraising Kick Weekly Coaching Emails for Nonprofit LeadersFundraising Kick Coaching Emails

Fundraising Kicks are weekly emails for busy nonprofit leaders who know how to fundraise, they just need a kick to get them to do it. This is that kick! You can raise the money you need this year. You might just need a little kick. Learn more, and see sample emails, at: https://fundraisingcoach.com/fundraisingkick/

Fundraising Kick Year 1Fundraising Kick Book

Now the first year of Fundraising Kick is available in book form!

All 52 weeks of Fundraising Kick emails compiled in an easy to read – or listen to – format.

See the options at: https://fundraisingcoach.com/fundraisingkick-book/

The MagnetGoals WorkbookThe MagnetGoals Workbook (ebook)

The elegantly simple yet incredibly powerful goal setting program that automatically helps you excel in all areas of your life, not just at work. People around the country are using these steps to move forward, with more fulfillment than they'd thought possible. Get the free ebook, on our sister site at: https://concordleadershipgroup.com/magnetgoals/

The Highlands Ability BatteryHighlands Ability Battery

The Highlands Ability Battery is the premier tool for discovering your hard-wired natural abilities. You'll receive:
  • the 3-4 hour assessment,
  • a detailed report of the results,
  • an extensive coaching session with Marc to interpret the results and help you strategize your life, and
  • free e-mail based support for a month.
Get ready to live life with less stress! For more information, and a link to a free sample, https://fundraisingcoach.com/highlands/

Executive Coaching

Coaching can help you jumpstart your fundraising & connect with your passion. And studies show it to be one of the most cost effective forms of professional development. To see all that private coaching clients get, got to: https://fundraisingcoach.com/executive-coaching/

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