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Marc believes no one should have to endure a boring keynote, seminar, or training. And he believes people should leave with practical things they can actually do.

If you’re interested in booking a boring, low-energy speaker, he’s not a good fit for your event. 

But if you want a high energy presenter who can connect with your audience, give them inspiration and extremely practical tools to use, he is a great fit!

As you can see from this website, Marc loves asking people for money. He’s even been called “the Johnny Appleseed of fundraising” since the only thing he loves more than asking for money is teaching people to ask for money! That’s why he writes books and speaks at conferences–this allows him to “pollinate” others with the love of asking!

  • Newcomers and “accidental fundraisers” – including board members and volunteers – say he helps them realize they really can raise money for their favorite cause.
  • Veteran fundraisers tell him he helps re-energize them, reminding them how great our profession is!
  • Meeting planners say bringing Marc in helps them increase both attendance at the event and satisfaction of the people in the room.

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To see what conference organizers and attendees have to say about Marc’s speaking, and the increased conference attendance and on-the-job efficiency, check out the case studies.

Fill out the contact form or call us at (800) 694-7430.

Sample Talk Descriptions
(can be delivered dynamically in-person or through an online virtual platform)

Ask Without Fear!®

Does the need to ask for money cause you to shudder? You’re not alone. Some say asking for money is as scary for people as death and public speaking! But it doesn’t have to be.

In this keynote, Marc inspires your audience to see fundraising as more than “taking.” Even in a crisis, you can raise money in ways that donors love and are grateful to be able to contribute to!

In this presentation, he shares a clearly understandable, simple plan that takes the mystery and fear out of the process.

Your team or audience will learn:

  • why “everyone” is not a prospect for their fundraising efforts
  • why recessions and crises can be completely appropriate times to ask 
  • actual phrases to use during their solicitations
  • and a powerful way to overcome objections, even before they happen!

Averting the Looming Leadership Crisis

Nonprofit leadership is already hard. But recent studies show that nonprofit leaders are unintentionally sabotaging themselves in really practical ways.

In this talk, Marc shares the latest nonprofit leadership research. And he gives insight into the leaders’ journey. Your audience will learn to identify root causes to some of their most troubling leadership tasks.

They’ll learn:

  • why their board, staff, and volunteers don’t seem to be sharing the same vision
  • why they are experiencing high turnover in their staff
  • why their approach at recruiting may not be working
  • and what they can be doing to start implementing changes today

The Power of We: Harnessing the science of stories to break down silos and win as a team

For organizations so focused on values and mission, isn’t it odd how fragmented our nonprofits can be? It’s natural that as a nonprofit grows the more specialized the people, processes, and tools become. And while it’s true that “good fences make good neighbors,” sometimes we become so focused – so task oriented – that silos begin to divide us. Unity wanes, efficiency suffers, and we begin to lose touch with something more important: the why.

In this talk, Marc shares how effective use of stories can change all that. He shows them how the stories we tell can bring us together and transform their day-to-day experience.

In this session, they’ll learn:

  • the surprising emerging science about stories
  • how storytelling can enhance fundraising, even by volunteers and board members
  • and how to hardwire collecting stories into regular rhythms

They’ll leave this session inspired and reinvigorated with a practical set of tools to immediately apply across their organization.

To discuss bringing Marc to your group or conference,
fill out the contact form or call us at (800) 694-7430.

Marc always tailors his talks to meet the needs of your audience with a focus on giving down-to-earth, practical advice that they can put into practice immediately.

“Since the start of COVID-19, I have been attending a lot of webinars! Marc is without a doubt the most warm, enthusiastic, and delightful speaker & host I have experienced. He has the remarkable gift of connection. In every session with Marc, you feel that he is speaking directly to you as your engaging, trusted friend. He radiates energy without being phony, annoying, or exhausting to listen to. I can’t wait to learn more from him in the days ahead!”

Mindy Williamson

Olivet Nazarene University

“I’ve asked Marc to speak at a variety of conferences for nonprofit professionals and fundraisers (both as a session speaker and a keynote presenter). He is very knowledgeable and energetic, engaging audience members and helping them understand specific things they can do to be successful in their positions. Marc is very positive and exceptionally easy to work with. I highly recommend him for your next event.”

Rachel Hutchisson


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