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“Marc is just plain inspiring. He makes everything about asking so easy & filled with joy. You can see the audience sit up straighter & grow in confidence as he speaks.”
Tom Ahern

Donor Communications Expert, Ahern Communications Ink

"Thank you so much for speaking at our retreat last week. You were a hit! I am really grateful that you made me look so good. 🙂 "
Bryn Dolan

Managing Director of Development, Northeast, Georgetown University

Nonprofits, associations, and conferences around the world invite Marc to come speak in issues of personal and organizational leadership, marketing, time management, personalities, and fundraising.

Since he firmly believes fundraising is all about leadership, just about the only think Marc loves more than asking for money is training board members and “normal” people to ask!

Sample Trainings

Marc is always willing to work with a team’s goals. But we know it can be helpful to see a list of trainings. So we’ve here are some of the sessions he’s given. Put all together, he calls this “The Nonprofit Fundraising Institute.”
Asking for money is as scary for people as death and public speaking. But it doesn’t have to be! Learn a simple “R.E.A.L.” method that takes much of the fear out of the process. This workshop is perfect for nonprofit employees and volunteers and will give you proven techniques to improve your fundraising skills

You’ll learn:

  • a 4-part system to structure your solicitation
  • actual phrases to use during your solicitations
  • and a powerful way to overcome objections, even before they happen!

In the full day training, you’ll also learn:

  • the 7 most common mistakes nonprofits make in asking for money
  • a simple 3-step tool to help you articulate your message

“Marc A. Pitman’s Ask Without Fear training is the most inspiring ask-training on the market. This workshop opens up the door for tremendous resource gain for those that attend. Marc provides invaluable advice, great stories, tools and overall stellar experience in addition to the fun and energy!”

Becky Taylor, Development Coordinator
Infant Crisis Services
Oklahoma City, OK

The Power of We: Harne​ssing the science of stories to break down silos and win as a team

The Power of We: Harnessing the science of stories to break down silos and win as a team

It is natural that as a nonprofit grows the more specialized the people, processes, and tools become. And while it’s true that “good fences make good neighbors,” sometimes we become so focused – so task oriented – that “silos” begin to divide us. Unity wanes, efficiency suffers, and we begin to lose touch with something more important: the why. But that’s what we love about stories. The stories we tell and hear help answer the “why?” question and they connect us back to the team and critical importance of the part we each play. In this session, Marc shares:

  • the surprising emerging science about stories
  • the way storytelling can be harnessed internally to break down silos
  • how storytelling can enhance fundraising, even by volunteers and board members
  • and how to hardwire collecting stories into regular rhythms

You’ll leave this session inspired and reinvigorated with a practical set of tools to immediately apply across your organization.

"Marc brought great energy and information to our chapter’s annual, daylong February Focus on Fundraising program. We had the highest attendance the event had seen in many years. I am still hearing positive feedback from attendees."
Jennifer J.E. Wampler, MBA, CFRE

President, AFP Mid-America Chapter, Kansas City

We are natural born storytellers. But all too often, we in the nonprofit world aren’t good at telling our story. This session will equip you and your board members to be master nonprofit storytellers and help you cast your vision and mission in ways people will remember!

You’ll learn:

  • the basic components of all compelling stories
  • how a trip to the supermarket can help you make your story engaging
  • what an “elevator pitch” is and why it can quickly become stale, and
  • a really easy way to keep all your communications fresh and “on story.”

For more information, go to: Who’s Telling Your Story?

“Marc is a gifted presenter. He has a knack of speaking to a group but making each person in the group feel as if he were talking directly to them. He thinks on his feet and incorporates what he’s learned about people in the group into his presentation in a constructive way. Thoroughly enjoyed his presentation.”
Christina Turner

Taranaki Regional Coordinator, Computers in Homes, Hawera, New Zealand

Fundraising 101

Raising money for nonprofits isn’t rocket science but it’s not all common sense either. This seminar geared for nonprofit board members and others new to nonprofit fundraising will share some easy-to-apply principles based on decades of fundraising excellence. This is helpful both for people new to the field, but experienced pros find this session full of useful reminders.

You’ll learn:

  • the only 3 types of communication you’ll need
  • how many times to say “thank you” between solicitations
  • the difference between annual funds, capital campaigns, and endowments
  • a simple model for your setting up a fundraising effort

Fundraising 101 is now an online course you can have each of your board members take. Learn more at

Whether you work for a nonprofit or you’re on the board, chances are you haven’t been trained in the appropriate roles of the board. Come and learn the roles a board is supposed to play and ways to increase effective communication with the board and the nonprofit staff. There’s even a bit on nonprofit storytelling! This seminar is great for both board members and employees of nonprofits.

You’ll learn:

  • the 2 major jobs of the board
  • tips to help board meetings be more productive
  • 4 major mistakes board members make
  • simple tools to help the board chair communicate with the executive director

“Afraid of asking for money? Marc has the cure.”
– Joanne Fritz,

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