Picture this:

You’re in a buffet line at a local Rotary meeting. Ahead of you, you see a board member talking to the biggest philanthropist in your community, one that hasn’t yet donated to your nonprofit. Then you hear her ask your board member, “You’re on that nonprofit’s board? What do they do anyway?”

Fear or Excitement?

Does your heart start furiously pounding with excitement? Are you convinced he’ll give a compelling answer? Something that will get her interested in donating to your organization?

Or does your heart sink in fear? Certain this will result in an answer like “Oh, I don’t know, but they’re good people”? One that ends in another lost opportunity?

Learn effective storytelling for fundraising or nonprofit marketing

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If you need training to increase the effectiveness of the stories you tell, Who’s Telling Your Story? Is for you!

Join Fundraising Coach Marc A. Pitman in this webinar-style presentation as he presents compelling advice for effective storytelling. You’ll receive the audio recorded live at a live seminar in Montreal with the powerpoint slides on the screen, just like a webinar from your computer.

Storytelling as Nonprofit Marketing

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in Who’s Telling Your Story?:

  • How consistent storytelling can help your fundraising…and relationship with your city council
  • How to approach different generations when raising money for your nonprofit
  • Why stories are hardwired in our DNA
  • What scientific studies show about how storytelling sparks memory and works surprising parts of your brain
  • Simple techniques to get the most out of your PowerPoint presentations
  • A simple trick to help make sure people remember your stories longer
  • A hilarious example of a story and a detailed analysis of what makes it so effective
  • A 2500 year old method to structure an effective story that still works today
  • How to use institutional artifacts to tell the story
  • A simple way to answering donors’ complaints about lost plaques
  • Compelling way of using stories to unify employees and remind them they are part of something far bigger than themselves – and recommits you to your cause
  • 5 categories of stories to use to reinforce your organizational culture
  • Why stories of times you’ve failed are as important as stories of times you’ve succeeded
  • A 3-step tool to help you tell stories in ways that board members, volunteers, and staff will find themselves repeating them – singing from the same sheet
  • How you can use existing publications to reinforce the stories you’re already telling
  • How at transform tired elevator pitches into natural, lively, purpose-filled conversations
  • How pro-actively organizing your stories can keep you from being freaked out when people say negative things about your nonprofit

Here’s what people in the live presentation said about “Who’s Telling Your Story?”

“Best session by far. Lots to take home and use.”

“Great for beginners to story telling.”

“Best session so far! Thanks!”

Someone, somewhere, is telling stories about your nonprofit. Who’s telling yours?

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Who’s Telling YOUR Story? – The Book! – $7 (any version)

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