StoryWorks: Making your nonprofit’s story work to generate donations

Effectively telling your nonprofit’s story leads to better fundraising and more fulfilling relationships with donors. We’ve seen people who attended the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference actually double and triple their annual fundraising by getting their story right.

But what if you can’t come to Seattle to join us at the conference? Or what if you need your nonprofit’s story work done now? We have an option for you. Three actually.

StoryWorks Level 1: The story review

Private coaching clients of Marc Pitman have loved having him review their fundraising letter. One client even told him, “Marc, your edits have made fundraising much more fun. And it’s raising more money for us!”

Now you don’t have to sign up for a 6- or 12-month coaching contract to get this service. For a one-time fee of $499, you can get a fundraising letter reviewed and marked up. Marc will personally read the letter, giving you his suggestions, edits, and comments. You will not only get to see every change, you will learn the reasons behind the changes. You’ll be sending one letter, but you’ll be learning to change all of your future letters too.

This is perfect for people with a solid story but are looking to actually generate donations.

StoryWorks Level 2: Story crafting

Storytelling has been with us for millenia. As human beings, we have storytelling in our DNA. But time and again, our nonprofit storytelling sabotages itself right from the start. With missions that should grab the hearts and minds of people, we’re actually, unintentionally turning them away.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Marc can help. He’s been studying the formulas for telling effective stories and teaching this to others. Now you can get the best of that analysis put in your own stories. For just $1499, you’ll get the training and the one-on-one coaching to end up with a story that both:

  • motivates your donors to give, and
  • is ridiculously easy for them to remember and tell others.

You’ll get lifetime access to the video training, 2 one-on-one 45-minute coaching calls with Marc, and three areas of stories you can use for the life of your nonprofit without ever getting stale.

This is perfect for people who are looking to re-craft their nonprofit’s story for both marketing and fundraising.

StoryWorks Level 3: Story coaching

Sometimes, we need an intensive reworking of the way we see our nonprofit. We share with passion but nobody at all seems to be hearing us. Their eyes glaze over and they move on before we’re even done.

You’ll get lifetime access to the video training, 4 one-on-one 45-minute coaching calls with Marc, three ares of stories, and three actual letters using those stories to help you drive donations whether in print or online.

Stories are like Finding the Decoder Ring

Remember getting a decoder ring as a prize inside the cereal box? You’ll get the same feeling learning storytelling for your nonprofit. Stories connect with donors far deeper than mere statistics or logic. And once you learn how stories work, you’ll be able to use the technique over and over on all your nonprofits’ stories and communications.

Ready to get started? Choose an option above and we’ll connect you with Marc!

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