Ask With Confidence!

Marc’s popular Ask With Fear! has helped thousands of people around the world fund their cause.

Now he’s going deeper.

Ask Without Fear! was written for volunteers and board members. Marc’s new book, Ask With Confidence! 104 tips, tricks, and techniques to help you keep your head in game and fund your cause is written for nonprofit employees. Written while he was a one-person development office in a rural community, this book gives you quick, practical fundraising ideas to put in practice today!

Marc provides all new information in the R.E.A.L. sections from Ask Without Fear!: Research, Engage, Ask, and Love. But he also adds two new powerful sections: Attitude and Internet. Attitude gives you great inspiration for keeping your head in the game of fundraising. Internet gives you advice on everything from setting up your own website to using social media in your fundraising.

Ask With Confidence! is great for reading straight through or as a handy reference to keep on your desk and read as issues come up. And it’s almost ready to be published!

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