Client Case Studies

For more than 20 years, The Fundraising Coach has helped many nonprofit organizations increase fundraising and marketing results; nonprofit leaders reduce stress, achieve goals, and get promotions; and conference organizers and associations increase attendance and audience satisfaction. Our expertise reaches across a variety of nonprofit sectors and in more than a 86 countries around the world.

Below are representative examples that demonstrate the range and depth of our work in Executive Coaching, Board Training, Nonprofit Marketing, and Keynotes & Seminars that applied the Ask Without Fear!® system. These are written in the actual words of the clients.
Milton Hospital
Facing fundraising after the housing bubble burst, a hospital just outside of Boston wanted to get its board involved with fundraising. So they brought in Marc. Marc’s 3-hour board training helped Milton Hospital grow it’s annual fund by 40% despite being in the worst recession since the Great Depression. Read more here.
Nichols College
When Nichols College wanted to help staff get more effective at fundraising, they turned to Marc. Executive coaching was so effective their fundraiser ended up taking over the entire department and double it’s fundraising for two consecutive years despite the recession. Read more here.
Auburn Public Library
The Auburn Public Library had experienced tremendous success in hiring strong leaders and in successfully completing a transformational capital campaign. But their board was shrinking, not engaged in fundraising, and lacked succession planning. And their existing group of corporators was largely ineffective. They hired Marc to conduct a board audit and make recommendations for changing both the board and the corporators. 18 months after acting on the recommendations in Marc’s audit, both groups are entirely transformed. Read more here.
Cause Camp (AMA Lincoln)
When a conference organizer wanted to increase conference attendance and satisfaction, she hired Marc to keynote. Read her own words about how attendance and satisfaction both went up. Read more here.
Blackbaud’s Conference for Nonprofits
Conferences have presenters all the time. But most information is lost before the attendees reach the cocktail party. Not people that attend Marc’s seminars. Read how one attendee is still using the information Marc shared more than half a decade later. Read more here.

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