Vintage image of YWCA Board for's Fundraising Training for Board MembersWhether you work for a nonprofit or you’re on the board, you know nonprofits usually have more going on than people to do it. So chances are you haven’t been trained in the appropriate roles of the board.

In this energetic training, you’ll learn the roles a board is supposed to play and ways to increase effective communication with the board members and the nonprofit staff. This seminar can be given in half-day or full-day formats and is great for both new board members, seasoned board members, and nonprofit employees.

While we will work with you to customize this board training to fit your needs, in each training we typically cover:

Nonprofit Board Member Basics

  1. the 2 major jobs of the nonprofit’s board
  2. tips to help board meetings be more productive [In the full day training, we’ll customize an agenda for your next board meeting.]
  3. 4 major mistakes board members make
  4. simple tools to help the board chair communicate with the executive director

Vision & Marketing for Nonprofit Boards

  1. Determining your organization’s most important attribute
  2. Creating a strategy for all board members to easily articulate the nonprofit’s mission [In the full day training, we’ll create a marketing strategy for your board and nonprofit.]

Training in fundraising: Making asking for money easy

  • An overview of where nonprofit charitable gifts comes from (it’s not where most board members expect)
  • The general areas nonprofits raise money for
  • A common sense approach to fundraising that will make it easy for your board members to ask

How to overcome objections [In the full day training, we identify the 5-7 most common objections for your nonprofit and work with your board to answer each of them.]

Strategy & Goal-Setting

  1. A suprising way to identify goals
  2. A simple way to create road maps to accomplishing any goal you set [In the full day training, we map out real goals for your nonprofit.]
  3. At the end of this training, each board member will have a concrete action item and a date to get it accomplished.
  4. This Board Member Training Works
  5. This training has a proven track record of fundraising success. Look at this board member training case study to see how Milton Hospital used this exact training to boost their annual fund in the midst of a recession.
  6. To schedule this training for your board, contact Marc at
  7. A Do-It-Yourself Board Member Fundraising Training
  8. If you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, you may also be interested in a DVD based facilitated retreat for nonprofit board members, based on the popular Ask Without Fear!® fundraising system. You receive the DVD of Marc, 10 copies of the book Ask Without Fear!®, and multiple copies of a detailed facilitated discussion guide. You can find more about that at
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You'll discover the 21 ways each board member can help their nonprofit's fundraising - even if they don't like to ask for money!

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