Logo: Cause Camp 2012 - Lincoln saw attendance rise and audience satisfaction go up with Marc A. Pitman as its conference keynoteCause Camp (American Marketing Association, Lincoln, Nebraska)
Clover Frederick, Conference Organizer
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On Friday, February 24, 2012, Marc delivered the keynote address at the Nonprofit Marketing Network’s Cause Camp event. Marc was chosen as the first Cause Camp keynote speaker in its nine year history because of his reputation in the nonprofit industry. The conference organizers hoped Marc’s reputation and social media audience would hoped would increase attendance and sponsorship for the conference.


Marc’s talk showcased his Ask Without Fear! system and became the organizing theme for the entire conference. Prior to the conference, Marc repeatedly talked with the conference organizers to make sure the attendees would get the most effort. In addition, he connected with attendees before the conference and joined us for the whole day, before and after the talk.

Moreover, he met with each sponsor taking time to learn about their services and thanking them both at their table as well as thanking them all from the platform. He even tweeted and Facebooked about some of the sponsors, giving them exposure to his wider audience. They definitely felt they were getting even more benefit than they had expected.

His keynote theme encouraged audience members to target fundraising efforts at the right people, using proven sales tactics and adapting them in a way that anyone could relate to.


  • Attendance for Cause Camp was up 35% from 2011 to 2012 (164 in attendance.)
  • Sponsorship in 2011 was $2900 cash and in 2012 was $3850 cash and $4250 in-kind.
  • Attendees said this was the best Cause Camp yet.

Comments from attendees:
“Fundraising can be the life or death of a non-profit, kudos for bringing in someone so well-versed!”
“I’ve always enjoyed reading Marc online. What a treat to see and hear him in person!”
“I don’t, technically, do fundraising, and I loved his presentation.”

33% rated his presentation Outstanding
50% rated his presentation Very Good

Testimonial Quote

“Marc’s keynote was the highlight of the event. Marc’s reputation preceded him, and everyone who registered hoped to benefit from his experience. Marc successfully adapted his core message to be accessible to all levels of fundraising experience. His keynote was entertaining and audience members soaked up his knowledge as revealed in overall positive responses on the post-talk surveys.”

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