Help your donor be more than ATMs, help them become evangelists!

Are you increasing the zeal of your donors?

Do your donors bring you more qualified donor prospects?

Are they raving fans of your nonprofit?

Before there was Facebook or Twitter, there was “Creating Donor Evangelists”!

Learn how…by turning your fundraising effort on its head!

Fundraising isn’t getting easier. And fundraising letters are losing effectiveness. Donors are feeling caught between the combination of a recession and the rising cost of energy. And, donors are more distracted than ever with things like the ever increasing choices of TV channels, Tivo, social media, Twitter, Facebook…the list could go on. Traditional fundraising tools like direct mail are losing their effectiveness.

If we want our nonprofits to survive—and even thrive—we need to help our donors become “evangelists” for our programs. It’s always been more cost effective to retain donors than it is to attract new donors to our cause. Plus, these retained donors are more likely to talk about us to their friends.

That’s what Creating Donor Evangelists is all about! Though recorded in 2004, this program is more important then ever.

Keeping accurate records is a vital component of good fundraising. But being accurate isn’t enough. People aren’t going to get excited about a company sending them an accurate receipt. To create raving fans for your charity, a lot more is required.

Based on the popular Creating Donor Evangelists fundraising seminar and the experiences of nonprofits around the world, this program will teach you simple to implement systems that will take your nonprofit’s fundraising campaigns to new heights!

In this teaching, I’ll help you:

  • learn how research by the Gallup organization can help you increase donor loyalty by becoming their partners and advisors
  • discover empirical proof that donor and alumni relations are the key to major gifts and truly committed donors
  • learn how to save money on market research and get even better results
  • become skilled at using Google to help you in all aspects of your nonprofit fundraising campaigns
  • transform your website from simple “brochure-ware” to a dynamic communication and research tool…at virtually no cost
  • discover how to turn phonathons from annoying calls to (almost) welcome conversations
  • learn how two simple questions can super-charge any interaction with donors and prospects
  • find out how a donor advisory board can help you gather vital information…and subdue your most ardent critics
  • see how giving away information can increase the value of your cause
  • learn how Napster can teach you to tell your story better
  • identify megahubs and network hubs…and harness their natural tendencies to further your mission.
  • find out why “sneezing” may be the best thing for helping you raise more money!
  • learn four specific things you can do today to increase buzz about your charity
  • see that the experiences of those closest to you can become your best fundraisers…even if they don’t ask anyone for money.
  • discover seven simple things you can do to create community with donors to your cause
  • learn a simple technique to make your email more engaging
  • find out what food courts across North America know…and how it can increase participation in your fundraising campaigns
  • learn how to super-charge your next event
  • discover why being controversial may be an asset to your cause

Filled with step-by-step lists and detailed guides, Creating Donor Evangelists is a veritable recipe book of ideas and easy to implement systems guaranteed to increase two-way communication with your donors and truly transform your fundraising results!

People say they love that Creating Donor Evangelists is:

  • high quality,
  • incredibly affordable, and
  • incredibly easy to get up to speed in a very short period of time.

If you’re not satisfied with your current fundraising results, order this today!

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The Creating Donor Evangelists Audio Program

The incredibly practical nonprofit seminar that helps you move your donors from mere check writers to raving fans!



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